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This IGD lists DLA-SM priorities and intent regarding internal and external ESOHMS communications. The organization shall establish, implement, and maintain the processes needed for the internal and external communications relevant to the ESOHMS in accordance with the International Organization of Standards (ISO) 14001:2015 and 45001:2018 and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) elements and sub-elements, including determining on what, how, when, and to whom to communicate. The DLA-SM ESOHMS applies to all DLA-SM facilities, their employees, and all personnel working on behalf of DLA-SM.


DLA-SM will communicate internally among the various levels and functions, among contractors and visitors in the workplace, and among other interested parties. DLA-SM will consider diversity aspects (e.g., gender, language, culture, literacy, disability) when considering communication needs.

DLA-SM will ensure that the views of external interested parties are considered in establishing ESOH communication processes; ensure ESOH legal requirements, compliance obligations, and other requirements are considered; ensure communicated ESOH information is consistent with the ESOHMS and is reliable; and shall respond to relevant communications of the ESOHMS.

  1. Internal Communication: DLA-SM will:
  1. Internally communicate information relevant to the ESOHMS among the various levels and functions of the organization, including changes to the ESOHMS, as appropriate.
  1. Ensure its communication processes enables workers to contribute to continual improvement.
  1. External Communication

DLA-SM will externally communicate information relevant to the ESOHMS, as established by the organization’s communication processes and considering its ESOH legal requirements, compliance obligations, and other requirements.

All documented information will be retained and maintained as evidence of ESOHMS communications, as appropriate.

  1. DLA-SM ESOHMS Policy Statement
  1. DLA-SM ESOH Management Plan
  1. DLA-SM Depot VPP Policy Statements:
  1. Hawthorne Depot VPP Policy Statement
  1. Hammond Depot VPP Policy Statement
  1. Scotia Depot VPP Policy Statement

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