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This IGD provides guidance with respect to the periodic internal audit of the DLA-SM ESOHMS, as described in the ESOH Plan. This document provides information concerning the conformance of the DLA-SM ESOHMS and its effective implementation and maintenance to the standards of the integration of ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) elements and sub-elements. This document applies to DLA-SM personnel and those working on behalf of DLA-SM who are primarily responsible for the development, maintenance, and deployment of the ESOHMS. This document addresses internal audits of the ESOHMS, as distinguished from initial verification of conformance and surveillance audits by a third party (external audit).

  1. Internal ESOHMS Audit Program

DLA-SM has planned, established, implemented, and continues to maintain an ESOHMS audit program to include the frequency, methods, responsibilities, consultation, planning requirements, and reporting.

The internal ESOHMS audit program considers the importance of the processes concerned and the results of previous audits.

The ESOHMS audit program defines the audit scope and criteria for each audit.

The auditors conduct ESOHMS audits to ensure objectivity and the impartiality of the audit process and ensure results of the audits are reported to the managers, supervisors, relevant workers, and other relevant interested parties.

ESOH professionals will take action to address nonconformities and continually improve the performance of the ESOHMS.

All ESOHMS audit documentation will be retained as evidence of the implementation of the audit program and the audit results.

  1. DLA-SM ESOHMS Policy Statement
  1. DLA-SM ESOH Management Plan
  1. DLA-SM Depot VPP Policy Statements
  1. Hawthorne Depot VPP Policy Statement
  1. Hammond Depot VPP Policy Statement
  1. Scotia Depot VPP Policy Statement

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