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A serviceman getting fitted for his uniform and a service woman helping another put on a flack jacket

The Clothing and Textiles supply chain provides clothing, textiles and equipment to U.S. service members, other federal agencies and partner nations.

We outfit every soldier, sailor, airman and Marine around the world, from their first day of service in boot camp, to camouflage uniforms worn on the battlefield and service dress uniforms.

C&T procures more than 8,000 different items ranging from uniforms, footwear and undergarments to ecclesiastical items, individual equipment, flags and tents. Factoring in the individual sizes of items, C&T manages more than 50,000 line items.

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What Clothing & Textiles Offers

Clothing New Recruits

 Soldiers putting on boots Soldiers selecting clothing from shelves

Clothing and Textiles is the first provider of military clothing items to new Army, Navy, Marine and Air Force recruits. DLA Troop Support provides the basic items recruits need upon entering military service including service-specific utility uniforms, boots, socks and undergarments. C&T owns approximately $44 million in inventory at eight recruit training centers throughout the country.

By maintaining on-hand stock at the RTCs for uniform items, our customers don’t have to order or pre-pay for items. Once a recruit receives is uniform or “bag” items, they are recorded as a point-of-sale transaction using apparel-tracking technology. Each RTC uses radio-frequency identification technology equipment to improve inventory accuracy and return training time back to recruits. In some instances, uniform issuance time is reduced from three hours to one hour using RFID technology.

Recruit Training Center locations

  • Army: Ft. Sill, Oklahoma; Ft. Moore, Georgia; Ft. Jackson, South Carolina; Ft. Leonard-Wood, Missouri
  • Marines: Parris Island, South Carolina; San Diego, California
  • Air Force: Lackland Air Force Base, Texas
  • Navy: Great Lakes, Illinois

Contact: 215-737-8315 or DSN 444-8315

Dress Clothing

Marines in Dress Blues uniform

Clothing and Textiles is the premier provider of service-specific dress uniforms and shoes to each of the military service branches. The supply chain works closely with its industry partners to provide the necessary requirements to continue centuries of military tradition. Dress uniform items are available in a multitude of sizes and special measurement orders are available upon request. Dress uniforms C&T provides for men and women service members include the Navy Service Dress White Jumper, the Marine Corps Dress Blue Uniform and the Army Service Uniform.

For Dress Clothing items only, vendors can make a sample of an item and request a courtesy evaluation and/or request a specification for an item and pattern(s) to review and have technical questions addressed. These evaluations need to be requested well in advance of solicitation issuance, and cannot be requested/evaluated once a solicitation is issued. In addition, approved courtesy samples cannot be submitted as a product demonstration model (PDM) in response to a solicitation.  A separate sample shall be manufactured for the solicitation PDM submission. For Dress Uniform items (coats, trousers, slacks, skirts), requests for a list of upcoming solicitations and requests for courtesy evaluations can be directed to For dress outerwear, shirts and headwear items, requests can be directed to

Contact: 215-737-3257 or DSN 444-3257

Field Clothing

Field Clothing

From Army Combat Uniforms to fire-retardant Navy Working Uniforms, Clothing and Textiles provides a wide variety of field clothing items to America’s warfighters. As with all the items it procures for its military customers, C&T works closely with its service and industry partners to ensure items meet the necessary military specifications to best suit warfighters’ needs.

Items such as extended cold weather clothing system items, gloves, and boots help protect service members against the elements while they’re in the field. C&T offers 140 different sizes in combat boots, 155 sizes in the Airman Battle Uniform, and special measurements are available for those outside of the sizing range.

C&T also plays a key role introducing new uniforms and camouflage patterns into the military community, including supporting the largest uniform change in Army history from the universal camouflage pattern to the operational camouflage pattern.

Protective Equipment

Marine stands with helmet

Most of the items Clothing and Textiles purchases are militarily unique with performance specifications. The body armor C&T provides to the armed services, including vests and ballistic inserts plates, is manufactured with life-saving technology and capabilities. Interceptor body armor, including an improved outer tactical vest and optional enhanced small armor protective inserts can stop or slow bullets and fragments, thus reducing the number and severity of wounds.

This modular system can be adjusted and gives leaders choices of which configuration to use, both hard and soft and provide service members with lighter-weight comfort and greater maneuverability. It also results in cost-saving benefits to customers as individual components can be purchased to upgrade previous versions of the IOTV, instead of buying the entire vest.

C&T also provides combat protective helmets, chemical protection suits and other individual equipment items designed to protect America’s warfighters in harm’s way.

Contact: 215-737-3274 or DSN 444-3274

Medals and Insignia

Army Staff Sgt. Ryan Pitts receives the Medal of Honor

Clothing and Textiles also works with vendors to provide the medals and insignia that help honor and decorate the brave men and women of the armed forces. C&T even procures the Medal of Honor, America’s highest military award.

Contact: 215-737-5699

Flags and Guidons

The presidential flag is hand embroidered. An airman with his unit guidon

One of DLA Troop Support’s most unique facets of support lie within the capabilities of Clothing and Textiles’ flag room. The highly skilled embroiderers who work here hand and machine-embroider various battalion and brigade flags for military units, in addition to the presidential and vice presidential flags.

C&T’s embroidery specialists produce approximately 300 flags a year as requested by government agencies unless it’s an inaugural season, when the number of flags produced triples. While the average hand-embroidered flag can take between 14-21 days to complete, the presidential flag can take up to 45 days as its intricate design requires 15 thread colors and flawless mirror-effect imaging.

C&T also works with vendors to procure American flags and other flags and guidons not produced in the flag room.

Contact: 215-737-4191

Religious Items

Small candles being lit on a table

Clothing and Textiles also supports America's service members with ecclesiastical to help them practice their religion wherever the are. C&T manages more than 750 ecclesiastical items, including religious foods, congregation pews, Torah scrolls, prayer rugs, texts, jewelry and clothing. Customer orders of these items tend to increase during holiday times, including Easter, Passover and Ramadan, where service members may find comfort in knowing C&T can provide religious items necessary for their respective practice.

Contact: 215-737-2449


DLA Troop Support's Clothing and Textiles supply chain offers military tents, parts, and support equipment. Commercial design tactical shelter systems as well as legacy military specification shelters are under contract and available. Please see the Tents Search page to browse available tent solutions.

To order products found there, customers should log into FedMall and place an order by NSN, or contact the C&T Tents team for information on products without NSNs listed. See the DLA FedMall page for more info on how to register and get training on how to use the system.

Value Management

The Clothing & Textiles Value Management office aims to achieve essential functions at the lowest costs consistent with needed performance, safety, reliability, quality and maintainability. Value management is achieved by analyzing the functional requirements of systems, equipment, facilities, procedures and supplies.

C&T's VM office is part of the broader DoD and DLA Value Management/Value Engineering community.

Value Engineering Savings

Clothing & Textiles VE savings are the result of changes offered by our valued contractors and those submitted by supply chain personnel. Contractors submit value engineering change proposals (VECPs) which recommend cost savings changes to their contracts. Government personnel submit value engineering proposals (VEPs) which recommend cost savings changes to DLA Troop Support systems, equipment, facilities, procedures and supplies. The changes cover a wide area and include commercialization, packaging, packing, labeling, transportation, warehousing, quality assurance and processing.

VM Forms and Links for Government Employees

Are you a Government employee with an idea on how to reduce the cost of an item DLA Clothing & Textiles purchases without sacrificing function or quality? If so please see the links below to find out how to submit your ideas. 

VM Forms and Links for Contractors

Do you have a current contract with Clothing and Textiles and have any ideas on how to reduce the acquisition cost of the contract item without sacrificing function or quality? If you do, Clothing and Textiles invites you to participate in our Value Management program by submitting a Value Engineering Change Proposal. Your successful participation results in royalty payments to your company and helps us to offer competitive prices to our military and civilian customers, so it's a "win-win" situation for everybody.

VM Contacts

For more information, please contact our Value Management team:

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