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The Individual Equipment Division manages personal protective clothing and equipment, load-carrying equipment, and a wide array of tents and shelters. There are three buying teams in the division: Individual Equipment, Safety, and Tentage & Shelters.

Contact: at 215-737-2374.

Individual Equipment procures hard and soft body armor, load bearing equipment, and individual equipment items. Examples of body armor include Improved Outer Tactical Vest (IOTV), Enhanced Small Arms Protective Inserts (ESAPI), and Enhanced Side Ballistic Inserts (ESBI). Load bearing equipment includes Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment (MOLLE) and the Family of Improved Loadbearing Equipment (FILBE). Other individual equipment include canteens, field packs, knee and elbow pads, high visibility belts, identification tags, restraints, and whistle balls.

Contact: 215-737-5677.

Safety is responsible for ballistic helmets, components, and flight safety gear.  Ballistic helmets include the Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH), USMC Lightweight Helmet (MCLWH), and Advanced Combat Vehicle Crewman (ACVC) as well as helmets used by flight personnel. Components for helmets include covers, retention systems, chin straps, and pad suspension systems. Flight safety gear includes a wide variety of garments including Advanced Technology Anti-G Suits (ATAGS), Anti-G Cutaway Garments (CSU13B/P & CSU15A/P), Anti-Exposure Liners (CWU23/P), and the Flexible Body Armor Vest.

Contact: 215-737-8079.

Tentage and Shelters procures tents, shelters, and tent components. Tents include both military specification standard tent systems such as the Modular General Purpose Tent System (MGPTS) and Soldier Crew Tent as well as an array of commercial design shelters. Components include poles, lines, pins, covers, and tarpaulins.

Contact: 215-737-7948. 

The Strategic Material Sourcing Group is responsible for Clothing & Textiles’ Third Party Logistics (3PL) program, industrial base capability assessments and planning, strategic engagement with industry, and a variety of acquisition-related tasks affecting the supply chain.  The SMSG is divided into three branches: Logistics, Acquisition, and Industrial Base Planning.

The SMSG division chief, who also serves as industry Ombudsman, can be contacted at 215-737-2460.

Logistics is responsible for C&T’s Third Party Logistics (3PL) program. The team handles the acquisition and management of logistics services contracts that store and distribute DLA inventory to customers worldwide.

Contact: 215-737-9161.

Acquisition is responsible for the coordination of information and dissemination of acquisition policy among the supply chain’s buying teams. This area handles all strategic engagement events with industry for which more information can be found on the [link] Industry Events page.

Contact: 215-737-3186.

Industrial Base Planning manages the DLA Warstopper program for the supply chain. The team is responsible for assessing industrial capability through site visits, studies, and reports. They also coordinate with the military services regarding surge requirements on critical items.