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The Supplier Support division provides technical and quality assurance support to all of C&T's buying teams. However, the product lines supported by the technical teams do not always align with the individual buying teams. Therefore, the supplier support teams are numbered in lieu of having names that correspond to buying team names.

The teams below are made up of experts in the specifications, patterns, product testing/evaluation, and quality assurance of their respective product lines. While technical questions can be answered by the individuals at the specified numbers, vendors are reminded to address questions specific to open solicitations or current contracts to their cognizant buyer or contracting officer.

Supplier Support division chief: 215-737-3191.

Technical/Quality Assurance Team 1:  all dress clothing (coats, slacks, trousers, skirts, hats), poly/wool cloth used for government furnished material, and ecclesiastical items. This team is responsible for all items on the Dress Clothing and OSHE buying teams.

Contact: 215-737-8083.

Technical/Quality Assurance Team 2: all camouflage and battledress utility uniforms, physical training uniforms (jackets, pants, sweatshirts, sweatpants, and shorts), belts, buckles, duffle bags, cold weather liners, neckwear, undergarments, socks, trunks, towels, and t-shirts. This team is responsible for all items on the Utility Clothing and Accessories buying teams.

Contact: 215-737-3046.

Technical/Quality Assurance Team 3: body armor, individual equipment, helmets and safety gear. This team is responsible for all items on the Individual Equipment and Safety buying teams. 

: 215-737-7107.

Technical/Quality Assurance Team 4: tapes, webbings, thread, yarn, cloth, Extended Cold Weather Clothing System, special purpose clothing, flight clothing, and tentage. This team is responsible for some of the items on the Special Purpose Clothing buying team, all of the items on the Tents and Shelters and Extended Cold Weather Clothing System (ECWCS) buying teams, and the Tapes/Webbings/Fasteners products found on the Gloves/Wet Weather buying team.

Contact: 215-737-7058

Technical/Quality Assurance Team 5: footwear, gloves, chemical protective items, heraldic items, mattresses, blankets, insignia, and flags. This team is responsible for all of the items on the Footwear and Heraldics buying teams and some of the items on the Gloves/Wet Weather and Special Purpose Clothing buying teams.

Contact: 215-737-3237.

Technical Data Repository team is the technical experts for specification and pattern requests, standardization, and the value engineering program.

Contact: 215-737-8352.