Marine recruit sized for dress hat and Air Force recruit tries on new boots

Clothing new recruits

Clothing and Textiles is the first provider of military clothing items to new Army, Navy, Marine and Air Force recruits. DLA Troop Support provides the basic items recruits need upon entering military service including service-specific utility uniforms, boots, socks and undergarments. C&T owns approximately $44 million in inventory at eight recruit training centers throughout the country.

By maintaining on-hand stock at the RTCs for uniform items, our customers don’t have to order or pre-pay for items. Once a recruit receives is uniform or “bag” items, they are recorded as a point-of-sale transaction using apparel-tracking technology. Each RTC uses radio-frequency identification technology equipment to improve inventory accuracy and return training time back to recruits. In some instances, uniform issuance time is reduced from three hours to one hour using RFID technology.

Recruit Training Center locations

  • Army: Ft. Sill, Oklahoma; Ft. Benning,  Georgia; Ft. Jackson, South Carolina; Ft. Leonard-Wood, Missouri
  • Marines: Parris Island, South Carolina; San Diego, California
  • Air Force: Lackland Air Force Base, Texas
  • Navy: Great Lakes, Illinois

Contact: 215-737-8315 or DSN 444-8315