The presidential flag is hand embroidered. An airman with his unit guidon

Flags and guidons

One of DLA Troop Support’s most unique facets of support lie within the capabilities of Clothing and Textiles’ flag room. The highly skilled embroiderers who work here hand and machine-embroider various battalion and brigade flags for military units, in addition to the presidential and vice presidential flags.

C&T’s embroidery specialists produce approximately 300 flags a year as requested by government agencies unless it’s an inaugural season, when the number of flags produced triples. While the average hand-embroidered flag can take between 14-21 days to complete, the presidential flag can take up to 45 days as its intricate design requires 15 thread colors and flawless mirror-effect imaging.

C&T also works with vendors to procure American flags and other flags and guidons not produced in the flag room.

Contact: 215-737-4191