Protective equipmentMarine stands with helmet

Most of the items Clothing and Textiles purchases are militarily unique with performance specifications. The body armor C&T provides to the armed services, including vests and ballistic inserts plates, is manufactured with life-saving technology and capabilities. Interceptor body armor, including an improved outer tactical vest and optional enhanced small armor protective inserts can stop or slow bullets and fragments, thus reducing the number and severity of wounds.

This modular system can be adjusted and gives leaders choices of which configuration to use, both hard and soft and provide service members with lighter-weight comfort and greater maneuverability. It also results in cost-saving benefits to customers as individual components can be purchased to upgrade previous versions of the IOTV, instead of buying the entire vest.

C&T also provides combat protective helmets, chemical protection suits and other individual equipment items designed to protect America’s warfighters in harm’s way.

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