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DH01728 Request for HQC Contractor Badge and Information Technology Access (Oct 2004) Intelligence
DL1964 (AEM Prod Test, 29 Dec 22) DL1964 (AEM Prod Test, 29 Dec 22) (Test 1)
DL1964 (AEM Url Test) use for the link to the DL1964 PDF form (Server 048 - Dispatcher)
DL1964- AEM Test Only the URL to use for the link to the DL1964 PDF form (Test Server 46 - Author)
DLA0006 Production Standard (Aug 2017) Land and Maritime
DLA0011 Operation Warfighter Notification of Intern Placement (May 2013) Human Resources
DLA0012 Physical Fitness Inquiry for MHE Operators (Apr 2013) Installation Management
DLA0013 Critical Safety Items (CSI) and Aircraft Launch Recovery Equipment (ALRE) Checklist (May 2024) Logistics Operations
DLA0013-01 Individual Repair Parts Ordering Data (IRPOD) Checklist (Aug 2022) Logistics Operations
DLA0013-02 Chemical Bio Items SPC 07 Acquisition Award Checklist (Mar 2023) Logistics Operations
DLA0017 Office Document Device Waiver Request (Aug 2017) Information Operations
DLA0020 Contract Data Requirement List Cover Sheet (Jul 2021) Logistics Operations
DLA0022 For Official Use Only Cover Sheet (Canceled) Intelligence
DLA0024 DLA Child Development Services Request for Care Record (Canceled) Installation Management
DLA0027 Classified Document Receipt (May 2018) Intelligence
DLA0030 DLA Certificate of Achievement (Aug 2018) Human Resources
DLA0031 Performance Award Certificate (Oct 2020) Human Resources
DLA0032 Suggestion Award Certificate (Oct 2020) Human Resources
DLA0035 Office Device Request (Canceled) Information Operations
DLA0036 DLA Suggestion Submission (Sep 2017) Human Resources
DLA0037 DLA Suggestion Evaluation and Transmittal Record (Sep 2017) Human Resources
DLA0038 Incentive Award Nomination and Approval (Mar 2014) Human Resources
DLA0042 Certificate of Training (Feb 1962) Human Resources
DLA0043 Exit Checklist (Mar 2024) Human Resources
DLA0046 Performance Rating (Canceled) Human Resources
DLA0046A Position Performance Plan (Canceled) Human Resources
DLA0073 Request and Approval For Overtime (Apr 2007) Human Resources
DLA0083 Fund Authorization (Aug 1966) Finance
DLA0089 Requisition and Position Description for Military Positions (Sep 1998) Human Resources
DLA0089A Military Manpower Change Request (MMCR) (Sep 1998) Human Resources
DLA0096 Issuance Coordination Record (Jan 2015) Transformation
DLA0133 Request for Approval of Reporting Requirement (May 1996) Information Operations
DLA0133A Summary of Estimated Reporting Costs (Apr 1993) Information Operations
DLA0133B Electronic Media Waiver Request for DLA Reporting Requirement (May 1996) Information Operations
DLA0138 Top Secret Receipt and Access Report (Nov 1986) Intelligence
DLA0161 Dunnage and Fabrication Work Order (May 1986) Logistics Operations
DLA0163 Dunnage and Fabrication Production Control Register (Sep 1986) Logistics Operations
DLA0177A Investigative Credentials (Canceled) Intelligence
DLA0204 Military Awards & Decorations Board Briefing & Voting Form (Canceled) Human Resources
DLA0205 Final Acting Rcd of DLA Military Awards & Decorations Board (Canceled) Human Resources
DLA0301 Materials Handling System Cost Analysis (Nov 1992) Logistics Operations
DLA0391 Notification of Foreign Visit (Canceled) Information Operations
DLA0397 Quarterly Billing for Handling of National Defense Stockpile (Canceled) Logistics Operations
DLA0433 Inventory Adjustment Voucher (Aug 1987) Logistics Operations
DLA0462 Personnel Management Information System Supplemental Information (Canceled) Human Resources
DLA0558-1 ADP/T Work Request - Part I - Routing and Action Record (Canceled) Information Operations
DLA0558-3 AWR - Part III - Requirement Description (Canceled) Information Operations
DLA0558-4 AWR - Part IV - CDA/Developer Cost/Requestor Benefit Data (Canceled) Information Operations
DLA0558-5 AWR - Part V - Request Impact Analysis Report (Canceledf) Information Operations
DLA0558-6 AWR - Part VI - CDA/Developer SCR Development (Canceld) Information Operations
DLA0558-7 AWR - Part VII - SCR Disposition/Implementation (Canceled) Information Operations
DLA0558-8 AWR - Part VIII - Problem Trouble Report (PTR) (Canceled) Information Operations
DLA0563 DLA Firearm Authorization (Aug 1979) Installation Management
DLA0563A DLA Weapon(s) and Ammunition Receipt (Aug 1979) Installation Management
DLA0574 Application for Identification Cards (Canceled) Installation Management
DLA0584 Visitor Register (Sep 2016) Installation Management
DLA0595 Receipt for Accountable Form(s) by DLA Recipients (Jun 1981) Installation Management
DLA0628 Line Record Card (Canceled) Logistics Operations
DLA0631 Telephone Service Request (Canceled) Logistics Operations
DLA0635 Incident Report (Oct 2023) Installation Management
DLA0639 DLA Certificate of Commendable Service (Aug 2018) Human Resources
DLA0673 Recommendation for Military Award (Feb 2021) Human Resources
DLA0678 Contract File Content List (Mar 1985) Acquisition
DLA0699 Request for Issue from Stock (Canceled) Logistics Operations
DLA0769 Job Order (Canceled) Logistics Operations
DLA0769A Job Order (Continuation Sheet) (Canceled) Logistics Operations
DLA0769B Job Order (Continuation Sheet) (Canceled) Logistics Operations
DLA0770 Service Control Record (Canceled) Logistics Operations
DLA0842 Publications Control Data (Canceled) Installation Management
DLA0926B DLA 926 Police Credential (Oct 2014) Installation Management
DLA0926C Police Credentials for Separated or Retired Officers (Oct 2014) Installation Management
DLA0979 New Funds Center Mapping Acknowledgement (JUN 2022) DLA Finance
DLA1151 Control Register for Reports of Financial Liability Investigation of Property Loss (DD Form 200) (May 1993) Finance, Information Operations, Installation Management
DLA1200 Request for Routine Technical Assistance (Canceled) Logistics Operations
DLA1224 Shipping Instruction (Canceled) Logistics Operations
DLA1227 Product Quality Deficiency Investigation Report (Dec 1988) Logistics Operations
DLA1231 Request for Quotation (Canceled) Logistics Operations
DLA1258 Transportation Pre-Award Survey (Canceled) Logistics Operations
DLA1258A Packaging Pre-Award Survey (Canceled) Logistics Operations
DLA1270 Determination of Need for Access/Position Sensitivity Change (Canceled) Intelligence
DLA1303 Issue/Receipt Document (Canceled) Logistics Operations
DLA1304 Order Document Non-Stock Items (Canceled) Information Operations
DLA1304A Multiple Line Item Order Document--Non-Stock Items (Canceled) Logistics Operations
DLA1305 Standard Return (Canceled) Logistics Operations
DLA1311 Equipment Transfer or Return (Jul 1992) Logistics Operations
DLA1312 Equipment/Furniture Justification and Order Document (Canceled) Logistics Operations
DLA1331 MOE Rule Data (Canceled) Logistics Operations
DLA1333 Resubmittal to Correct Error of Suspended Item (Canceled) Logistics Operations
DLA1335 Search by Reference Number (Canceled) Logistics Operations
DLA1336 Data Element Oriented With Value (Canceled) Logistics Operations
DLA1338 DAAS Critical Source of Supply Update (Canceled) Logistics Operations
DLA1344 Planned Producers and Schedules (Canceled) Logistics Operations
DLA1359 Request for Unit of Issue Change (Feb 1974) Logistics Operations
DLA1367 Shipment Release/Delivery Pass (Aug 2018) Disposition Services
DLA1385 Certificate for Quality Assurance Certification (Dec 2006) Logistics Operations
DLA1403 Top Secret Register (Dec 1975) Intelligence
DLA1404 Near Miss/Hazard Report (Feb 2008) Chief of Staff
DLA1461 Privacy Act Safeguard Label (Title not on form) (Jul 2007) Information Operations
DLA1471 Freedom of Information Act Request-RUSH (Canceled) Information Operations
DLA1471A Privacy Act Request (Canceled) Information Operations
DLA1474 Defense Logistics Agency Preappointment Security Check (Dec 2021) Intelligence
DLA1538 Request for Certificate/Extension of Quality Assurance Certification (Aug 2018) Logistics Operations
DLA1588 Foreign Liaison Visit Log (Jul 1978) Installation Management
DLA1591 Supervisory Mishap Report (Oct 2013) Chief of Staff
DLA1610 Key Repository Index (Oct 2022) Installation Management
DLA1610A Key Repository Accountability Record (Oct 2022) Installation Management
DLA1610B Delegation of Authority (Key Control) (Oct 2022) Installation Management
DLA1610C Key Control Register (Oct 2022) Installation Management
DLA1615 Certification of DLA Policy on Firearms Safety and Use of Force (Jan 2008) Installation Management
DLA1617 Cargo Movement and Seal Record (Feb 1985) Installation Management
DLA1620 Police Desk Blotter (Mar 2011) Installation Management
DLA1621 Security Force Radio Log (May 1982) Installation Management
DLA1622 Rights Warning Procedure and Waiver Certificate (Aug 2011) Installation Management
DLA1623 Sworn Statement (Aug 2011) Installation Management
DLA1624 Evidence Tag (Aug 2020) Installation Management
DLA1624A Evidence or Found Property Custody (Aug 2020 (Corrected)) Installation Management
DLA1624PS Evidence Tag Printing Specifications (Aug 2020) Installation Management
DLA1625 DLA Police Traffic Accident Report (Jan 2021) Installation Management
DLA1638 Weekly/Monthly Serial Number Inventory of Weapons and Ammunition (May 1996) Installation Management
DLA1639 Daily Weapons and Ammunition Control Register (Feb 2001) Installation Management
DLA1639A Daily Weapons and Ammunition Control Register (Feb 2001) Installation Management
DLA1656 Request for NSN Assignment (Canceled) Logistics Operations
DLA1664 Record of Determination-Environmental Evaluation (Dec 1980) Installation Management
DLA1668 Record of Firearm Authorizations (Feb 1981) Installation Management
DLA1685 Oil or Hazardous Substance Spill Report (Canceled) Logistics Operations
DLA1690 Record & Information Profile (Oct 2019) Information Operations
DLA1693 Contract Announcement (Sep 2004) Logistics Operations
DLA1703 Officer Evaluation Report Support Form (Canceled) Human Resources
DLA1709 Warning Label for ADP Equipment (Mar 1986) Installation Management
DLA1710 Critical Nuclear Weapon Design Info (CNWDI) Access Certificate (Oct 1982) Installation Management
DLA1712 Notice and Consent for Communications Security Telephone Monitoring (Oct 2008) Installation Management
DLA1720 Dispatcher's Log (Canceled) Logistics Operations
DLA1723 Appl./Rcd for U.S. Government Motor Vehicle Operator's Identification Card (SF-46) (Canceled) Logistics Operations
DLA1730 Vehicle Technical Inspection (Nov 2004) Logistics Operations
DLA1741 Housing Inspection Report (Jun 1984) Logistics Operations
DLA1743 Affidavit Supporting Request for Authorization to Search (May 2000) Installation Management
DLA1744 Commander's Authorization to Search (May 2000) Installation Management
DLA1745 Consent to Search (Jul 1990) Installation Management
DLA1749 Vehicle Registration Log (May 1996) Installation Management
DLA1752 Investigative Activity Summary (Oct 1984) Installation Management
DLA1755 Small Arms Marksmanship Training Data (May 1996) Installation Management
DLA1756 Referral of Small Business for Certificate of Competency (COC) Consideration (FEB 2022) DLA Acquisition
DLA1759 Reimbursable Processing Of Materiel (Mar 2008) Distribution
DLA1760 Technology Work Request (TWR) (Canceled) Logistics Operations
DLA1762 Conference Participation (Canceled) Small Business Programs
DLA1762A Report of Future Procurement Outreach Conference (Canceled) Small Business Programs
DLA1764 Cost Comparison Analysis In-House vs. Contract Performance (Dec 1988) Finance
DLA1764A Cost Comparison Analysis Expansions, New Requirements, and Conversion to In-House (Dec 1988) Finance
DLA1799 Preanalysis Requirement (PAR) (Canceled) Logistics Operations
DLA1800 DLA Certificate of Appreciation (Aug 2018) Human Resources
DLA1801 Price Inquiry (Canceled) Logistics Operations
DLA1803 Certificate of Record Authentication (Canceled) Public Affairs
DLA1804 For Official Use Only Sticker (Canceled) Intelligence
DLA1806 Procurement Technical Assistance Center Cooperative Agreement Performance Report (Canceled) Small Business Programs
DLA1808 Formal Complaint of Discrimination in the Federal Government (Canceled) Equal Employment Opportunity
DLA1809 Request for Audit Transmission System Access (Jan 1993) Installation Management
DLA1813 Request and Approval for Off-Site Use of Government Information Technology Equipment (Canceled) Information Operations
DLA1815 Request for DLA Badge (Dec 2009) Installation Management
DLA1817 Universal Service Order (Mar 1996) Finance
DLA1818 Visit Notification (Jul 1996) Installation Management
DLA1822 End-Use Certificate (May 2022) Logistics Operations
DLA1823 Order Document Non-Stock Purchase Request (Apr 1996) Logistics Operations
DLA1825 Certification of DLA Policy on the Use of Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) (May 2021) Installation Management
DLA1831 DLA Senior Executives Service (SES) Performance Planning and Evaluation (Oct 2000) Installation Management
DLA1832 Geospatial Information & Services (GI&S) Account Data (JUL 1999) Aviation
DLA1834 DLA Security Briefing/Debriefing Certificate (May 2014) Intelligence
DLA1835 Freedom of Information Act Request Cover Sheet (Sep 2014) Information Operations
DLA1835-1 Freedom of Information Act Appeal Coversheet (Sep 2014) Information Operations
DLA1838 Organic Manufacturing Quote (Jul 2021) Logistics Operations
DLA1839 Unsolicited Quote Justification or Organic Manufacture (Mar 2021) Logistics Operations
DLA1840 Request and Justification for Using An Organic Manufacturing Source (Jul 2023 -Corrected) Logistics Operations
DLA1841 Child and Youth Programs Outdoor Safety Checklist (Oct 2011) Installation Management
DLA1841-1 Monthly Child and Youth Programs Outdoor Safety Checklist (Oct 2011) Installation Management
DLA1842 Child and Youth Programs Indoor Safety Checklist (Oct 2011) Installation Management
DLA1842-1 Monthly Child and Youth Programs Indoor Safety Checklist (Oct 2011) Installation Management
DLA1842-2 DLA Child Youth Program (CYP) Monthly Crib Safety Inspection Checklist (Mar 2018) Installation Management
DLA1842-3 DLA Child Youth Program (CYP) Child Development/Youth Center Safety Inspection (Jun 2018) Installation Management
DLA1842A Monthly Summary Form - Outstanding Safety Items (Feb 2008) Installation Management
DLA1843 CDC Fire Warden Monthly Emergency Checklist (Feb 2012) Installation Management
DLA1844 CDC Fire Risk Management Survey (Feb 2012) Installation Management
DLA1845 DLA Child and Youth Program (CYP) Occurrence Incident/Injury Report (Feb 2018) Installation Management
DLA1846 Suspected/Reported Child Abuse or Neglect Report (Feb 2008) Installation Management
DLA1847 CDC Evacuation Drill Report (Feb 2012) Installation Management
DLA1848 Child Injury Log (Oct 2011) Installation Management
DLA1849 Child and Youth Program (CYP) Medication Consent and Administration Log (Aug 2019) Installation Management
DLA1849-1 Child and Youth Program (CYP) Parental Consent for Field Trips (Aug 2019) Installation Management
DLA1849-1A DLA CYP Field Trip Risk Assessment Plan (Mar 2018) Installation Management
DLA1849-1B DLA CYP Field Trip Departure Checklist (Mar 2018) Installation Management
DLA1849-1C DLA CYP Field Trip Return Checklist (Mar 2018) Installation Management
DLA1849-2 DLA CYP Insect Repellent Use Consent (Aug 2019) Installation Management
DLA1849-3 DLA CYP Basic Care Item Consent to Apply (Aug 2019) Installation Management
DLA1849-4 DLA CYP Child Illness/Injury Readmission Record (Aug 2019) Installation Management
DLA1850 Key Control Log (Oct 2002) Installation Management
DLA1851 Child Sign In - Out, Ratio, and Transition Chart (Canceled) Installation Management
DLA1851-1 Child and Youth Program Staff and Visitor Sign In Sheet (Canceled) Installation Management
DLA1852 Symptom Record (Canceled) Installation Management
DLA1853 Training Record for Administrative Staff (Canceled) Installation Management
DLA1853, Part I DLA CYP Individual Development Plan - Clerical/Administrative Staff - Foundation Level (Mar 2019) Installation Management
DLA1853, Part II DLA CYP Individual Development Plan - Clerical/Administrative Staff - Annual (Mar 2019) Installation Management
DLA1853-1 Training Record for Custodial Staff (Canceled) Installation Management
DLA1853-2 Training Record for Food Service Staff (Canceled) Installation Management
DLA1853-2, Part I DLA CYP Individual Development Plan - Cook/Food Service Personnel - Foundation Level (Mar 2019) Installation Management
DLA1853-2, Part II DLA CYP Individual Development Plan - Cook/Food Service Personnel - Annual (Mar 2019) Installation Management
DLA1853-3 DLA Child and Youth (CYP) Individual Development Plan (IDP) CYP Assistant - Foundation Level (Canceled) Installation Management
DLA1853-3, Part I DLA CYP Individual Development Plan - Program Assistant - Foundation Level (Mar 2019) Installation Management
DLA1853-3, Part II DLA CYP Individual Development Plan - Program Assistant - Annual (Mar 2019) Installation Management
DLA1853-4 Training Record for Management Staff (Canceled) Installation Management
DLA1853-4, Part I DLA CYP Individual Development Plan - Management Staff - Foundational Level (Mar 2019) Installation Management
DLA1853-4, Part II DLA CYP Individual Development Plan - Management Staff - Annual (Mar 2019) Installation Management
DLA1853-5 Child and Youth Programs Standard Training Report (Canceled) Installation Management
DLA1853-6, Part I DLA CYP Individual Development Plan - Training Speciliast - Foundation Level (Mar 2019) Installation Management
DLA1853-6, Part II DLA CYP Individual Development Plan - Training Specialist - Annual (Mar 2019) Installation Management
DLA1853-7, Part I DLA CYP Individual Development Plan - Nurse - Foundation Level (Mar 2019) Installation Management
DLA1853-7, Part II DLA CYP Individual Development Plan - Nurse - Annual (Mar 2019) Installation Management
DLA1854 Application for Child Care Services (Canceled) Installation Management
DLA1854-1 Child Care Agreement (Canceled) Installation Management
DLA1855 DLA Child and Youth Program (CYP) Health/Developmental Screening (Aug 2019) Installation Management
DLA1855-1 DLA Child and Youth Program Health Assessment for Enrollment & Renewal (Aug 2019) Installation Management
DLA1855-1A DLA Child and Youth Program Respiratory Medical Action Plan (Aug 2019) Installation Management
DLA1855-1B DLA Child and Youth Program Special Diet Statement (Aug 2019) Installation Management
DLA1855-1C DLA Child and Youth Program Epilepsy/Seizure Medical Action Plan (Aug 2019) Installation Management
DLA1855-1D, Part 1 DLA CYP Diabetes Daily Medical Action Plan (Aug 2019) Installation Management
DLA1855-1D, Part 2 DLA CYP Diabetes Emergency Medical Action Plan (Aug 2019) Installation Management
DLA1855-1D, Part 3 DLA CYP Diabetes Weekly Food and Carbohydrate Log (Aug 2019) Installation Management
DLA1855-1D, Part 4 DLA Child and Youth Program Blood Glucose and Ketone Monitoring Log (Aug 2019) Installation Management
DLA1855-1E DLA Child and Youth Program Allergy Medical Action Plan (Aug 2019) Installation Management
DLA1855-1F DLA Child and Youth Program Consent to Perform Caregiving Health Practices and Authorization for Disclosure of Health Information (Aug 2019) Installation Management
DLA1855-2 Inclusion Action Team (IAT) Action Plan (Jan 2018) Installation Management
DLA1856 Child Care Emergency Contact Information (Canceled) Installation Management
DLA1857 Special Care Plan (Canceled) Installation Management
DLA1858 DLA Child Development Program Customer Satisfaction Survey (Canceled) Installation Management
DLA1859 DLA Child Development Program Infant Sleep Position Agreement (Canceled) Installation Management
DLA1860 First Aid Inventory Kit (Canceled) Installation Management
DLA1861 DLA Child and Youth Program Environmental Health Sanitation Inspection (Aug 2018) Installation Management
DLA1862 Supervisor/Managerial Performance Plan (Canceled) Human Resources
DLA1863 Supervisor/Managerial Performance Rating (Canceled) Human Resources
DLA1864 Telework Request and Approval Form (Oct 2022 (Modified) Human Resources
DLA1865 Telework Agreement (Jun 2018) Human Resources
DLA1866 Supervisor - Employee Checklist (AUG 2022) Human Resources
DLA1867 Self-Certification Home Safety Checklist (Feb 2003) Human Resources
DLA1868 Request for Restoration of Forfeited Annual Leave (May 2003) Human Resources
DLA1869 Request for Advance Leave (Jume 2017) Human Resources
DLA1875 Request for Waiver of Preappointment Investigative Requirements (PIR) - Noncritical Positions (Canceled) Intelligence
DLA1875B Request for Waiver of Preappointment Investigative Requirements (PIR) Critical Sensitive Positions (Canceled) Intelligence
DLA1875C Request for Waiver of Preappointment Investigative Requirements (PIR) Contractor IT Positions (Canceled) Intelligence
DLA1877 EEO Pre-complaint Intake Form (Oct 2014) Equal Employment Opportunity
DLA1878 DLA - Outside the National Capital Region (ONCR) Mass Transportation Benefit Program Application (Canceled) Installation Management
DLA1880 Privacy Act Cover Sheet (Apr 2007) Information Operations
DLA1882 Invitational Travel Authorization (Feb 2009) Installation Management
DLA1883 Shield/Credential Receipt (Canceled) Installation Management
DLA1883-1 DLA Shield and 926B Credential Issuance/Receipt (Nov 2022) Installation Management
DLA1883-2 DLA Shield and 926C Credential Issuance/Receipt (Nov 2022) Installation Management
DLA1885 Request for Security Deviation (Jul 2020) Installation Management
DLA1886 Robbery Checklist (Oct 2007) Installation Management
DLA1887 Confirmation of Request for Reasonable Accommodation (JAN 2024) Equal Employment Opportunity
DLA1887-2 Reasonable Accommodation Information Reporting (Canceled)) Equal Employment Opportunity
DLA1889 Supplemental Quality Assurance Provision (SQAP) (Jul 2023) Logistics Operations
DLA1890-1 Request for Appointment of a Contracting Officer (Jan 2009) Acquisition
DLA1890-2 DLA Warrant Approval Form (Jan 2009) Acquisition
DLA1891 Staff Summary Sheet (May 2010) Office of the Director
DLA1892 DLA Police - Employment Conditions of Understanding and Agreement (Jul 2020) Installation Management
DLA1897 PKI Server Certificate Requirement (Canceled) Information Operations
DLA1898 PKI End User Certificate Request (Canceled) Information Operations
DLA1899-1 Group Mailbox PKI Certificate Request (Canceled) Information Operations
DLA1899-2 Change of Group Mailbox PKI Sponsor (Canceled) Information Operations
DLA1900 Task Training and Certification Record (May 2008) Installation Management
DLA1901 Government Purchase Card (GPC) Purchase Request (May 2016) Acquisition
DLA1902 CPR User Bulk Qualifications Affidavit and Approval (Canceled) Information Operations
DLA1904 CPR Site Identification Registration Request (Canceled) Information Operations
DLA1909 Standard Uniform Inspection Record (Oct 2008) Installation Management
DLA1910 RESOLVE Case Data (Canceled) General Counsel
DLA1912 DLA Local Purchase - Technical Support Request (Oct 2014) Logistics Operations
DLA1913 Manual Level Override Request (Jun 2023) Logistics Operations
DLA1917 FOIA Request for files (Aug 2011) Information Operations
DLA1922 Request for Open Storage Approval (Nov 2022) Intelligence
DLA1923 Security Pre-Publication Review Request for Release of DLA Information (Nov 2013) Intelligence
DLA1924 Request for Expedited Delivery Services (Apr 2012) Installation Management
DLA1928 Certificate to Register a Tactical Vehicle (May 2012) Disposition Services
DLA1928A Certificate to Register A Firefighting Vehicle (Jan 2016) Logistics Operations
DLA1932 Family and MWR Facility Use Request (Aug 2013) Installation Management
DLA1933 Over-Under Pick Exception Request for NIIN Approval (Feb 2013) Logistics Operations
DLA1935 Electronic Information System (EIS) Records Management Appraisal (May 2021) Information Operations
DLA1936 Standardized Recordkeeping Checklist (Canceled) Information Operations
DLA1937 Records Management Checklist for Employee Transfer or Departure (Jun 2018) Information Operations
DLA1939 Request for Admin Leave for Fitness Activities (FMO Corrected) (May 2023) Human Resources
DLA1940 Social Media Application (Feb 2013) Public Affairs
DLA1940-1 Social Media Certification (Feb 2013) Public Affairs
DLA1950 Justification for the Collection of the SSN (Mar 2015) Transformation
DLA1951 Causative and Non-Causative Research Worksheet (Mar 2020) Logistics Operations
DLA1952 J8 Organization Rotational Assignment Description (Canceled) Finance
DLA1954 Product Specialist Supervisor Compliance Review (Aug 2017) Logistics Operations
DLA1955 Resolution Specialist Supervisor Review of Credit/Debit Memo Requests (Nov 2016) Logistics Operations
DLA1956 Supplier Engagement Outcome Submission (Dec 2016) Acquisition
DLA1957 Records Management Appointment/Termination Record (May 2019) Information Operations
DLA1958 Blocked Sales Order Report Review (Sep 2017) Logistics Operations
DLA1959 Missing Reimbursable Sales Orders Cover Sheet (Nov 2017) Logistics Operations
DLA1960 Reimbursable Revenue Journal Vouchers (Sep 2017) Logistics Operations
DLA1961 Revenue Review Form (Nov 2017) Logistics Operations
DLA1962 Funding Document Request (Sep 2017) Finance
DLA1962i Funding Document Request Instructions (Sep 2017) Finance
DLA1963 DLA Sexual Assault Incident Response Oversight Report (Aug 2017) Human Resources
DLA1964 Hours of Duty Work Schedule Request (Oct 2017) Human Resources
DLA1965 Request to Hire Workforce Recruitment Program (WRP) Student (Jun 2018) Equal Employment Opportunity
DLA1966 Funds Monitoring Review (Jan 2018) Finance
DLA1967 DLA Business Areas and Major Subordinate Commands Monthly Funds Monitor Review (Aug 2018) Finance
DLA1968 DLA J8 Enterprise Monthly Funds Monitoring Review (Aug 2018) Finance
DLA1969 DLA Humanitarian Effort Award (Aug 2018) Human Resources
DLA1970 DLA Director's Strategic Goals Award (Aug 2018) Human Resources
DLA1971 Global War on Terrorism Civilian Service Medal (Aug 2018) Human Resources
DLA1972 DLA Distinguished Career Service Award (Aug 2018) Human Resources
DLA1973 DLA Exceptional Civilian Service Award (Aug 2018) Human Resources
DLA1974 DLA Meritorious Civilian Service Award (Aug 2018) Human Resources
DLA1975 DLA Superior Civilian Service Award Certificate (Jun 2018) Human Resources
DLA1976 Government Travel Charge Card Mandatory Reports (Aug 2018) Human Resources
DLA1977 Reimbursable Order Manual Billing Checklist (May 2019) Finance
DLA1980 Reserved Parking Request/Validation (APR 2022) Installation Management
DLA1984 Engineering Instructions (EI) (Jan 2023) Logistics Operations
DLA1984-1 Engineering Instructions (EI) (Dec 2021) Logistics Operations
DLA1985 DPAS Rating Request (Jun 2020) Acquisition
DLA1986 Remote Work Request and Approval Form (Mar 2024) Human Resources
DLA1987 Paid Parental Leave (PPL) Request (Nov 2020) Human Resources
DLA1987-1 Paid Parental Leave (PPL) Service Agreement (Nov 2020) Human Resources
DLA1988 Notice of Intent - Outside the National Capital Region (ONCR) Mass Transportation Benefit Program (Apr 2022) Human Resources
DLA1989 Standard Text Object (STO) Request (Nov 2022 - Modified) Logistics Operations
DLA1990 Total Quality (TQ) Requirement Request (Nov 2022 - Modified) Logistics Operations
DLA1991 Contracting Officer's Approval to Purchase from an Organic Manufacturer (Apr 2021) Logistics Operations
DLA1992 Management Review Form (Aug 2021) Logistics Operations
DLA1993 IDOC Archive Signature Form (Aug 2021) Logistics Operations
DLA1996 Foreign Disclosure Review Request (MAR 2022) DLA Intelligence
DLA2000 Request for Cost-Price Analysis Services (Canceled) Energy
DLA2001 Request for Exception (Canceled) Energy
DLA2002 SDB Dollars Report (Canceled) Energy
DLA2003 SDB Dollars Report (Bulk Program Only) (Canceled) Energy
DLA2004 HUBZONE Price Evaluation Preference (Other than Bulk) (Canceled) Energy
DLA2005 HUBZONE Price Evaluation Preference (Bulk Program Only) (Canceled) Energy
DLA2006 Bunker Delivery Note (Canceled) Energy
DLA2007 ARB/ASRB Review and Approval (Canceled) Energy
DLA2009 Acquisition Plan for Services (Canceled) Energy
DLA2010 Notice to Bidders - Successful Letter (IFB) (Canceled) Energy
DLA2013 Notice to Offerors - Unsuccessful Letter (Canceled) Energy
DLA2014 DLA Energy Contract Approval (Canceled) Energy
DLA2016 Contract Action Routing Slip (Canceled) Energy
DLA2017 Contractor Bulk Liquid Facilities Report (Feb 2013) Energy
DLA2019 Small Business Subcontracting Plan (Canceled) Energy
DLA2020 Request for DLA Energy Waiver/Exception (Feb 2015) Energy
DLA2021 Request for DLA Energy Waiver/Exception (Continuation) (Canceled) Energy
DLA2022 Request for an Exception, Deviation, or Waiver (Canceled) Energy
DLA2023 Fuel Capitalization Worksheet (Nov 2018) Energy
DLA2024 Fuel Facility and Storage Tank Data Sheet (Canceled) Energy
DLA2026 Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) Verification for Inventory Control (Feb 2018) Energy
DLA2027 Authorization to Process Ground Reissues (Sep 2020) Energy
DLA2044 Requirement Submission Schedule for Information Technology Requirements (Canceled) Energy
DLA2045 Checklist for Contractual Actions Awarded Outside DLA Energy (Canceled) Energy
DLA2046 Petroleum Daily Receipt Summary Sheet (Feb 2014) Energy
DLA2048 Funding Document Request/Request for Obligation (Canceled) Energy
DLA2049 Bidder Code Application (Canceled) Energy
DLA2050 DLA Energy MRO Material Request (Oct 2014) Energy
DLA2051 DLA Energy MIPR Material Request (Oct 2014) Energy
DLA2052 DLA Energy Offline Ordering Form (Jun 2019) Energy
DLA2052-1 DLA Energy Fuel Additive Order (Oct 2020) Energy
DLA2053 DLA Energy Requirement Worksheet (Jun 2018) Energy
DLA2054 Periodic Self-Inspection Checklist (May 2023) Energy
DLA2055 Incoming/Outgoing RO/TM Checklist (May 2023) Energy
DLA2056 Responsible Officer (RO), Terminal Manager (TM), Responsible Person (RP) End-of-Month (EOM) Reconciliation Checklist (Nov 2023) Energy
DLA2057 Accountable Property System of Record (APSR) Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Annual Routine Task Checklist (MAY 2023) Energy
DLA2058 Responsible Person (RP) Appointment (May 2023) Energy
DLA2059 DoDM 4140.25 and DLA Energy P-7 (MAY 2023) Energy
DLA2059-01 Alternate Responsible Officer (RO) Appointment (MAY 2023) Energy
DLA2060 Recommendation for Property Administrator (PA) Appointment (JAN 2024) Energy
DLA2061 Responsible Officer (RO), Terminal Manager (TM), Responsible Person (RP) Daily Document Review Checklist (May 2023) Energy
DLA2062 Fuel Request for Commissioning (Feb 2021) Energy
DLA2063 DLA Energy Request for Customer QR Code (spreadsheet attached, and RE) (JAN 2024) Energy
DLA2064 Fuel Spill Leak Release Reporting (MAY 2022) Energy
DLA2500 Certification of Information Technology Disposition (Nov 2022 (corrected)) Disposition Services
DLA2500-P (Portfolio) Certificate of Hard Drive Disposition (Canceled) Disposition Services
DLA2501 Demilitarization Certificate (Canceled) Disposition Services
DLA2502 Waiver By Purchaser (Canceled) Disposition Services
DLA2503 APPLICATION FOR QUALIFIED TRANSPORTER LIST (QTL) (March 2022 (Corrected)) Disposition Services
DLA2504 Precious Metal (PM) Shipment Request (Jul 2016) Disposition Services
DLA2505 Manifest Tracking Log (Mar 2024) Disposition Services
DLA2506 Container Count Sheet (Jul 2016) Disposition Services
DLA2507 Application for Qualified Facility List (QFL) (Nov 2023) Disposition Services
DLA2507-1 DLA Disposition Services Qualified Facilities List Application (Sep 2016) Disposition Services
DLA2507-2 Qualified Facility List Update (Oct 2016) Disposition Services
DLA2508 Precious Metal Recovery Program (PMRP) Container Placcard (Nov 2023) Disposition Services
DLA2509 Asbestos Waste Shipment Record (Nov 2016) Disposition Services
DLA2510 DLA Disposition Services Treatment, Storage, Disposal, & Recycling Facility Inspection Guidelines & Checklist (Mar 2024) Disposition Services
DLA2511 Hazardous Waste Profile Sheet (Nov 2016) Disposition Services
DLA2512 Certification of Services/Manifest Tracking (Mar 2024) Disposition Services
DLA2515 Turn-In Checklist and Certification for Wrecked Aircraft (Sep 2017) Disposition Services
DLA2516 Letter of Authorization to Remove (Aug 2017) Disposition Services
DLA2517 Letter of Authorization (Jul 2020) Disposition Services
DLA2518 Request for Waiver (Sep 2017) Disposition Services
DLA2519 Qualified Facility List (QFL) / Qualified Transporter List (QTL) Job Check Sheet (Aug 2018) Disposition Services
DLA2520 Vehicle Data Worksheet (Sep 2017 (Modified Mar 2022)) Disposition Services
DLA2521 Hazardous Waste Task Order Tracking (Sep 2020) Disposition Services
DLA2522 DLA Disposition Services Accountable Officer IAV Research Checklist (Canceled) Disposition Services
DLA2523 Inventory Adjustment Request (Feb 2023) Disposition Services
DLA2523-1 INVENTORY ADJUSTMENT REQUEST (WMS) (DEC 2023) Disposition Services
DLA2524 DLA Disposition Services Reviewing Authority IAV Research Checklist (Canceled) Disposition Services
DLA2525 Inventory Adjustment Summary (FEB 2023) Disposition Services
DLA2526 eDocs Separator Sheet for Master Records (With or Without Supplemental Documents) (Aug 2018) Disposition Services
DLA2527 eDocs Separator Sheet for Supplemental Documents Only (Dec 2021) Disposition Services
DLA2528 Supervisor Credit and Debit Approval Checklist (Jan 2018) Disposition Services
DLA2529 Procurement Package Cover Sheet (Aug 2018) Disposition Services
DLA2530 Pre-Award/Post-Award On-Site Survey End User (Canceled -Oct 2023) Disposition Services
DLA2531 Pre-Award/Post-Award On-Site Survey Retailer/Wholesaler/Broker (Canceled - Oct 2023) Disposition Services
DLA2532 Pre-Award/Post-Award On-Site Survey Additional Information for Cylinder Buyer (Canceled - Oct 2023) Disposition Services
DLA2533 Contract Performance Report (Jun 2018) Disposition Services
DLA2534 Claims Register (Jun 2018) Disposition Services
DLA2535 Term or Multi-Shipment Recapitulation Record (SO) (Jun 2018) Disposition Services
DLA2535-1 Term or Multi-Shipment Recapitulation Record (Site) (Jun 2018) Disposition Services
DLA2536 Statement of Intent (Jan 2019) Disposition Services
DLA2537 Pre-Award/Post-Award On-Site Survey HM/HW Recycler/Processor/Manufacturer (Canceled - Oct 2023) Disposition Services
DLA2538 Sales Contract Letter of Authorization (Aug 2018) Disposition Services
DLA2539 Customer's Verification of Waste Removal (Apr 2019) Disposition Services
DLA2540 Downgrade to Scrap Request (After Receipt) (Sep 2020) Disposition Services
DLA2540-1 Downgrade to Scrap COSIS Adjustment Request (After Receipt) (May 2024) Disposition Services
DLA2544 Stock Transfer Order (STO) Shipment Shipping Unit Inventory List / Shipping Unit Placard (Nov 2022) Disposition Services
DLA2545 Refrigerant Removal Verification Statement (Oct 2020) Disposition Services
DLA2546 Disposition Services Public Sales Referral (Nov 2021) Disposition Services
DLA2547 Upgrade From Scrap (DEC 2023) Disposition Services
DLA2548 EDOCS VERIFICATION LOG (Feb 2022) Disposition Services
DLA2549 Monthly Completeness Inventory Worksheet (Nov 2023) Disposition Services
DLA2551 Stock Transfer Order (STO) Shipment Master Inventory List (Manifest) (Feb 2023 (w/Attachments)) Disposition Services
DLA2552 Scrap Management Monthly Checklist (DEC 2023) Disposition Services
DLA2943 Hazardous Property Release Checklist (Jan 2021) Disposition Services
DLA4000 Requirement Justification for Acquisitions (Canceled) Distribution
DLA5000 Elevation of Negotiations (Feb 2013) Aviation
DLA5001 Request for Quote for Emergency Contracting Support (Oct 2014) Aviation
DLA5002 Simplified Acquisition Pricing Record (May 2013) Aviation
DLA5003 Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) Transmittal (May 2013) Aviation
DLA5004 DLA Aviation Surge Waiver Request (Oct 2013) Aviation
DLA5005 Request for an Out-of-Cycle Selling Unit Price Change (Jul 2014) Aviation
DLA5006 Approval to Purchase from Organic Manufacturer (Canceled) Aviation
DLA5007 Discrepant Material Hand-off Notification (Sep 2016) Aviation
DLA5010 Civilian Employee and Contractor Exit Checklist (Canceled) Aviation
DLA5011 Alternate Part Request Checklist (Jul 2018) Aviation
DLA5013 Defense Supply Center Richmond Fire Drill Report (Jan 2021) Aviation
DLA5014 ECSD Urgently Needed Items (Mar 2021) Aviation
DLA5016 Application Review Summary (Nov 2020) Aviation
DLA5017 Security Discrepancy Reports (Apr 2021) Aviation
DLA5018 Police Daily Log (Apr 2021) Aviation
DLA5019 Authorization for Purchase of Safety Shoes (Feb 2021) Aviation
DLA5020 ECSD Oral Quotation (Mar 2021) Aviation
DLA5021 High Hazard Facility Risk Management Survey (Jan 2021) Aviation
DLA5021-1 DLA Aviation Child Development Center Fire Risk Management Survey (Jan 2021) Aviation
DLA5022 Pre-Order (FEB 2023) Aviation
DLA5023 Process Area Request Checklist (Jul 2023) Aviation Ogden
DLA5500 Individual Repair Parts Ordering Data (IRPOD) Checklist (Canceled) Land and Maritime
DLA5501 Protest Referral Summary Sheet (Canceled) Land and Maritime
DLA5502 Vendor Classified Document Accountability (Oct 2018) Land and Maritime
DLA5503 Defense Supply Center Columbus - Tree Permit (Feb 2020) Land and Maritime
DLA6003 Requirement Justification for Acquisitions (Jul 2017) Troop Support
DLA6004 Clothing and Textile Laboratory Test Report and Instructions (Nov 2018) Troop Support
DLA6005 Laboratory Testing Capabilities Survey (Nov 2018) Troop Support
DLA6013 Subsistence Government Furnished Property Correspondence (Mar 2021) Troop Support
DLA6014 DLA Troop Support Value Management Program In-House Value Management Proposal (VMP) (Apr 2021) Troop Support
DLA6020 Visual Inspection Report (Feb 2021) Troop Support
DLA7001 Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) (May 2018) Chief of Staff
DLA7001A Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) Review (May 2018) Chief of Staff
DLA7002 Participants Observations, Issues, and Lessons Learned (Sep 2013) Installation Management
DLA7003 Registration of Privately Owned Firearms (Canceled) Installation Management
DLA7004 HQC Quarterly Safety Inspection (Canceled) Chief of Staff
DLA7005 DLA Active Shooter Awareness Card (Dec 2013) Installation Management
DLA7006 Disposition Services Security Project Management (Mar 2014) Installation Management
DLA7007 Disposition Services Security and Emergency Management Program Review / Survey Report Response Worksheet (Dec 2020) Installation Management
DLA7008 Common Access Card Return Tracking Log (Dec 2014) Installation Management
DLA7011 DLA Installation Support Columbus (DS-FC) Request for Facility Use (AUG 2023) Installation Management
DLA7012 Ebola Post-Exposure Symptom Diary (Canceled) Installation Management
DLA7013-T Request for Personnel Action (Expired) Installation Management
DLA7014 DLA AtHoc Mass Notification System (Canceled) Installation Management
DLA7015 Mishap and Near Miss Analysis (Oct 2016) Chief of Staff
DLA7016 DLA Annual Safety and Occupational Health (SOH) Industrial Workplace Inspection Checklist (Jun 2018) Chief of Staff
DLA7017 DLA Annual Safety and Occupational Health (SOH) Office Inspection Checklist (Jun 2018) Chief of Staff
DLA7018 DLA Supervisor Industrial Self Safety Inspection Checklist (Jun 2018) Chief of Staff
DLA7019 DLA Supervisor Office Self Safety Inspection Checklist (Jun 2018) Chief of Staff
DLA7020 Request for Photography (Sep 2017) Installation Management
DLA7021 Request for Artwork (Sep 2017) Installation Management
DLA7022 DLA Installation Support at Columbus Request, Authorization, and Certificate of Reimbursement for Graphic Art/Photographic Service (Sep 2017) Installation Management
DLA7023 DSCC Key Receipt (Aug 2021) Land and Maritime
DLA7024 Carpool Application (Nov 2021) Land and Maritime
DLA7025 Traffic / Parking Ticket Appeal (Nov 2021) Land and Maritime
DLA7027 Standard Key/ Core Request (Aug 2021) Land and Maritime
DLA7028 Controlled Key Access (Oct 2021) Land and Maritime
DLA7030 DES-CS Fire Hydrant Permit Request & Authorization (Apr 2021) Land and Maritime
DLA7033 DSCC Control Gate Access Request (APR 2021) Land and Maritime
DLA7035 Employment Condition of Understanding and Agreement SPēD Certification Indexed Position (MAY 2022) DLA HQ Installation Management
DLA7036 Common Access Card (CAC) Turn-in Receipt (Oct 2022) Installation Management
DLA7037 DLA Police Physical Fitness Test Scorecard (Feb 2023) Installation Support