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DLA News Archive

News | Jan. 20, 2023

Former Navy Supply Corps officer to become DLA’s newest SES

By Beth Reece

A former Navy Supply Corps officer who spent the past 8-plus years helping shape the Defense Logistics Agency’s support to military and federal customers will become DLA’s newest Senior Executive Service member Jan. 23.

Steven Kinskie, DLA Logistics Operations’ executive director of plans since November, said his SES induction underscores his desire to play a key role in creating lasting logistics solutions for the agency’s worldwide customers.

“It’s been a natural progression for me as I’ve sought out ways to contribute to DLA’s mission at the senior-leader level,” he said.

The retired captain is now overseeing the alignment of DLA capabilities to future warfighting requirements.

“That means charting out the changes we need to make to be able to continue doing business and serving warfighters tomorrow, next year and five years from now,” he said. “As technology and contingencies evolve, how does DLA need to position itself to provide support?”

Kinskie’s DLA career began in 2014 with DLA Aviation, where he oversaw planning, engineering, procurement, storage and distribution, and order management of a supply chain that supports almost 130 major weapons systems. Working in strategic acquisitions, he also created DLA’s first captains of industry contracts with General Electric and Boeing. The contracts, which include performance metrics to improve readiness, became models for other DLA contracts.

In 2020, former DLA Logistics Operations Director Air Force Maj. Gen. Allan Day moved Kinskie to DLA Headquarters to help represent DLA’s major subordinate commands.  

“He wanted to ensure different points of view and perspectives from the MSCs were part of the decision making,” he said. 

Kinskie’s 26 years on active duty included five ship assignments and eight years of sea duty. Ashore, he served as the director of operations research for the Naval Inventory Control Point, director of readiness for the Chief of Naval Operations, and deputy director of ordnance and logistics at U.S Fleet Forces Command.

Arranging supply support for deployed carriers taught Kinskie that logistics is often a challenge for troops.

“I know what it’s like to be out there competing with the other services for local supplies, so I understand the value DLA brings to our operational forces as it merges all those requirements and provides central sources of supply,” he said. “It’s a mission I believe in and I look forward to continuing to contribute in new ways.”