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AMPS Pre-Approval Instructions

This is the first phase of the RPPOB process, the ability to logon to our system and order parts for Sale or Loan.

Instructions are to assist you in your initial AMPS registration process. The registration approval process is normally done within 24-hours, depending on up-to-date information on the CAGE and JCP registration.

Please click here for the AMPS Registration Guide (PDF).

After you receive your USERID and Password for AMPS you need to request the RPPOB Vendor Role through the AMPS interface to begin the RPPOB authorization approval process. You will receive an email notification when your RPPOB Role has been fully approved and provisioned for you.

Please click here for the AMPS RPPOB Vendor Role Approval Process Instructions (PDF).

If you are unable to successfully log in to the "Reverse Engineering Form" after your RPPOB Vendor role has been fully provisioned, please contact the DISA Global Service Desk at 1-844-347-2457 (Press 5, then speak or enter D-L-A). The statement you need to use is "I NEED MY PASSWORD CHANGED FOR RPPOB WHICH IS DONE IN AMPS"; this will allow you to request parts for your reverse engineering effort.

Please submit all your requests through our new database form. After clicking the RPPOB Home Page below link, select the "Reverse Engineering Form" located in the first paragraph and LogIn. All product display requests for inspection, direct purchase or bailment of RPPOB Program items shall now be handled by this system. Any technical data requests or overall questions can be processed by email.