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SAM Handbook Overview

Aviation Source Approval and Management (SAM) Handbook

The information contained within this Source Approval & Management (SAM) Handbook document enables potential sources of supply to create a package containing sufficient data to evaluate a new manufacturing facility as an approved source of supply for a DLA managed product. Potential new suppliers may request consideration based on products that they previously manufactured for the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), or for products they produced that possessed similar characteristics, or for products that are reverse-engineered by domestic suppliers.

The checklist contained within this SAM Guidance specifies the minimum data requirements required for each category above. SAM Packages that do not meet the minimum requirements are disapproved without any further action. The potential supplier must offer an explanation for any criteria that they deem not applicable or required. Any additional data deemed pertinent to the source approval consideration process by the engineering authority such as pictures, material and process analysis, sketches or inspection levels should also be provided

Product change proposals should be addressed after approval and delivery of a production contract through the Value Engineering Change Proposal (VECP) process.