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New Source Contract Step-by-Step

DLA Aviation primarily purchases military aircraft structural and engine parts. Approving a new source for these items can be very time consuming and difficult. The military service end user will typically have to approve a new source for an aviation item. For example, the Air Force must approve new manufacturing sources of F-16 parts. The Navy and the Army now require a minimum of 180 days to evaluate any new sources.

Most of the items currently in the Display Room have only one approved source. Increasing competition on these items will reduce their cost. The RPPOB, Replenishment Parts Purchase or Borrow, program works as follows:

  1. You select the item you are interested in reverse engineering and notify us of this interest. The part may be from the Parts Catalog or a part from your own research.
  2. We research the item to determine if any drawings exist, if the project seems economically feasible, or if there is anything that may preclude a reverse engineering project. We will let you know the sample purchase price, the annual usage in both dollars and units, and if we must contact the responsible military service(s) to obtain their approval to initiate the project.
  3. If you wish to proceed, you submit a RPPOB request package to us detailing your company, the type of products you produce (highlighting similar products) and describing your plan for reverse engineering the item. See RPPOB Request Document (DOC)  for more details. Notes: 1) This is your opportunity to convey your expertise to the responsible military service(s) and show how you plan to implement your plan.  If new to developing a SAR you may select this link as a ‘boilerplate (pdf) ’.
  4. Upon receipt of your package we contact the responsible military service(s) to obtain their approval to initiate the project. After the military has approved your purchase of the item and initiation of a reverse engineering project, we prepare and forward to you a contract to purchase the item. Loans are by exception only.
  5. After signing the contract and paying for the item, we ship the sample item to you and you conduct the reverse engineering at your own expense.
  6. You prepare a Source Approval Request (SAR) and submit it to us if no solicitation exists. Send to the Buyer if there is an open solicitation.
  7. We review your SAR and forward it to the military service for their review and approval.

No promises of design approval are given or implied. Final approval of your facility as a new source is not a given until the appropriate military service(s) approve your SAR package and test your replicated part through a prototype or spares procurement.

Based on our experience, you must have a significant history of producing items for the Government to achieve SAR approval by the military services. If you do not have a successful contract history, the military services are unlikely to approve any reverse engineered items you submit for approval. In these cases, we suggest that you review the Procurement Gateway for fully competitive items that interest you. Once you successfully bid on and produce some of these items you can then revisit the RPPOB program.

Contact Us:  If you have any questions, please email us at or call us at 804.279.3550