Temporary Quarters Subsistence Allowance (TQSA)

Temporary Quarters Subsistence Allowance is a non-taxable supplement for employees traveling to/from an overseas duty location on official travel orders and authorized Living Quarters Allowance.  This allowance covers expenses for lodging, meals, laundry and dry cleaning not to exceed maximum allowance. TQSA is granted for up to 30 days prior to departing the overseas duty station. It is recommended that you apply for reimbursement upon vacating temporary quarters.

How to Determine Your Maximum Allowance:

To determine your maximum allowance, you will first need to find the maximum per diem rate authorized for your current overseas duty location.  If your duty location is not listed, then use the "all other locations" per diem rate.   Click on the Per Diem link below to find your rate and then use the following calculations to determine your maximum allowance:

For the First 30 Days:

  • Employee: 1 x 75% of the per diem rate
  • Family Members 12 and Over:  # of members x 50% of the per diem rate
  • Family Members Under 12:  # of members x 40% of the per diem rate

Example: Per Diem Rate is $146.00

  • Employee: (1)  x $109.50 (75%) = $109.50
  • Family Members Over 12:  2 members x $73.00 (50% of per diem rate)  = $146.00
  • Family Members Under 12:  2 members x $58.40 (40% of per diem rate) = $116.80
  • Maximum Allowance = $372.30

To Request Temporary Quarters Subsistence Allowance:

To request TQSA Settlement, complete the SF1190, DSSR 120, lodging receipts and receipts for any single expense $75.00 and over. This claim is filed at actual expenses for each day in US Dollars. Please make sure to include a copy of your credit card statement to show the amount charged in US Dollars for the lodging costs. If you are submitting a TQSA Settlement, and are no longer employed with DLA, please provide a mailing address where DFAS can send reimbursement through check.

Provide completed documents to

How Long It Will Take to Receive Advance TQSA or Settlement of TQSA:

It will take approximately four weeks for settlement of TQSA upon receipt of completed documentation.   Payment of settlement is included in your bi-weekly paycheck, unless no longer employed with DLA, then DFAS will send a check for reimbursement through the mail.