Directorate of Strategic Planning and Market Research

Conducts market research and provides marketing advice to the Administrator with regard to the sale and acquisition of strategic and critical materials. Assists in developing the overall sales and acquisition strategies for the materials. Provides economic analyses and forecasts for strategic & critical materials with a focus on macroeconomic & technology "mega-trends", end-use demand drivers, production and geopolitical & supply chain events that have an impact on global markets. In addition, Strategic Planning offers outreach to the Military Services as it relates to strategic and critical materials acquisitions and disposals. Serves as the principal DLA representative and overall strategic materials production and applications subject matter expert to the military services, other DOD offices, other Federal Agencies, and industry representatives. The Market Research division solicits, receives and evaluates quotes for the disposal of excess materials held in the National Defense Stockpile (NDS). Additionally, sales contract award and administration are managed by the Marker Research division.

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