Federal Logistics Information System (FLIS)
Technical Procedures

FLIS Technical Procedures Volume 8 through 13 have been updated.
Volumes 1 through 7 are currently outdated, but are being reviewed for future updates.
Questions should be referred to the DLA Customer Interaction Center (CIC)

Technical Procedures

File Size Last Update Vol Title
315KB  06/2019 1 General and Administrative Information
428KB 05/2020 2 Multiple Application Procedures (MS Word)
1.94MB 03/2017 3 Development and Maintenance of Item Logistics Data Tools
761KB 08/2020 4 Item Identification (MS Word)
178KB 09/2020 5 Data Bank Interrogation/Search (MS Word)
623KB 06/2020 6 Supply Management (MS Word)
417KB 05/2011 7 Establish/Maintenance of Organization Entity and Provisioning Screening Master Address Table
1.75MB 03/2017 8 Document Identifier Code (DIC) Input/Output (I/O) Formats (Fixed Length)
1.38MB 04/2017 9 Document Identifier Code (DIC) Input/Output (I/O) Formats (Variable Length)
1.12MB 11/2017 10 Multiple Application References/Instructions/Tables and Grids
2.88MB 03 /2017 11 Edit/Validation Criteria
2.26MB 07/2017 12 Data Element Dictionary
936KB 06/2017 13 Material Management Decision Rule Tables


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