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    What AMPS is...
    Account Management and Provisioning System (AMPS) can set up your access to computer application resources or provide information to a provisioner for manual setup. Access is based on the approval of your request for one or more application roles. Application users, both internal (civilians, military, and contractors) and external (vendors, public), can have AMPS accounts that enable them to submit requests for these roles. When a role is approved, the user has access to the application resource.

    What AMPS is NOT...
    AMPS is NOT a portal to any application. Having an account in AMPS enables you to request an application role, submit and track the request, and receive a notification when the request is granted. Access to any requested application is provided through the application itself or through the portal provided by the sponsoring organization.

    Not an employee of DLA or DFAS?
    If you cannot authenticate your identity with a smart card, you can still obtain an AMPS account to request roles relevant to the business you want to conduct with either of these organizations. Click here to learn how to register for an account.


    Having technical Issues? 

    If you are experiencing consistent errors, we're here to help. Click on one of these help guides which offers some guidance on how to resolve or work around certain observed errors.

    Troubleshooting Guide
    Accessing AMPS
    Requesting a role in AMPS
    Registration for External Customers (Non-DLA/DFAS)

    Still Need Help?
    Please contact the Enterprise Help Desk at:
    Toll Free: 1-855-352-0001
    DSN: (CONUS) 855-352-0001 (OCONUS) 94-855-352-0001



    AMPS Frequently Asked Questions

    AMPS is an account management and provisioning system that collects data about your identity, job, and location, and sets up your access to the computer application resources you need to complete your job tasks.
    Close all your browser windows, start a fresh session and select your current email certificate.
    You already have the role in your Current Roles or Pending Requests (in My Information) or the role is not visible to anyone (it is hidden) or to your organization (defined as DLA, DFAS, and External).
    Yes, external approvers may be internal users or external users with an AMPS account, however, they perform the approvals as external approvers via the link in the approval email. Roles do have internal approvers at the Data Owner and Information Assurance Officer (IAO) approval levels.

    There are several reasons that a SAAR may be rejected and they include:

    1. You may not have the required Information Technology (IT) level for the role requested.
    2. A determination may have been made that you do not need the role or that you requested a wrong role.

    3. A determination may have been made that the role you are requesting has a Segregation of Duties Conflict with a role you already have.

    4. The approver may have needed more information in order to approve the role.

    Each approver has up to 20 days to complete a role request approval task. Approvers are sent a reminder email every 2 days. A manual provisioning task has no time limit. These tasks are performed by people who are subject to their own management structure. AMPS management has no managerial control over the approvers and provisioners unless the role is an AMPS administrative role.
    The most common reasons are: 1. A role expiration where the user has an approval task. 2. An annual revalidation where the internal user can choose roles to remove. 3. A role removal which requires a Supervisor approval. Check your SAAR History in My Information to see if there is an indication of a role removal.
    This applies to approvers who are individuals and not members of an approval group. For internal users, the Supervisor and the user would change their Supervisor to someone else in their chain of command. For external users, it would be the approvers at the bottom of their "My Information" page. The user would just type in a new approver email address in the appropriate approver field.
    The IT level (see DODI 8500.2 for more information) refers to the level of access that an individual has been authorized to use DLA and DFAS applications. There are 3 IT levels, IT 1 is the highest level of access. An IT level is assigned to the user during a role request approval by the security officer.
    The Rules of Behavior require that you be a COR in order to perform this function. If you are a COR, you must request the New IT User Requestor role in AMPS (see information in the SPOE for instructions). Use the "New IT User Enrollment" function under "Requests" after logging in to AMPS.
    You must have an AMPS Reports role to use "My Reports." External users cannot access "My Reports." Externals users are not segregated in to specific organizations and may not have the appropriate security controls to allow access to other user's information.
    Check to see which approver your role request is waiting for approval on your "My Information," " Applications & Roles" screen. Your Supervisor and Security Officer(s) are on your My Information screen. External Authorizing Officials (EAO) and IAO are also on your My Information screen for external and internal users, respectfully. You will have to contact the Enterprise Help Desk (EHD)for any other approvers. Be forewarned, the approvers are receiving a reminder email every 2 days and any message outside of the standard notifications may be lost in the volume of communications.
    External user accounts may be disabled when it has no roles and has no activity for a specified amount of time. Internal user account may be disabled because it is in the Delete User process or an approval was rejected during an annual revalidation. Disabled accounts can be enabled by contacting the EHD. Users with Deleted accounts with have to go through a new user process/registration.
    Most commonly, there is a misspelling in your email address in AMPS. Alternately, there may be an issue with your mailbox (i.e., it may be full). You should have the requestor send an email to the address listed in AMPS to confirm receipt.
    A User can request that a role be removed by going to "Applications & Roles" in "My Information", clicking on a role in "Current Roles," and clicking the "Remove Role" button. A Supervisor can request that a Users Role be removed from the "My Information" / "Direct Reports" Tab in AMPS.