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News | March 23, 2018

OPSEC Factoids

By Lisa R. Brame & Jack E. White DLA Intelligence Columbus


  1. OPSEC protects our operations – planned, in progress, and/or those completed.
  2. Adversaries collect information in various ways – trash, pictures, internet, solicitation and espionage.
  3. Keep a “need to know” attitude (if they don’t need to know don’t tell them).
  4. Don’t leave your badge unattended or wear it off the installation.
  5. Your trash could be an adversary’s treasure (don’t toss it, shred it).
  6. Avoid posting excessive personal information online (i.e. employment information, family members full names, your address etc.).
  7. “A picture is worth a thousand words”, keep this in mind when posting them!
  8. Cell phones, cordless phones and land lines can all be compromised. Censor what you discuss on an unsecured line. You never know who’s listening!
  9. Be careful what you talk about in public. You don’t know if the person next to you is friendly or not.
  10. Be alert. A foreign agent may use a variety of approaches to get information.
  11. Whether on or off duty, don’t let your guard down.
  12. Know the critical information for your programs and activities.