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Source Approval Request (SAR)

Source Approval Request (SAR) package is an assembly of information required of a prospective new supplier for a specific item that is currently procured as other than full–and–open. A SAR contains all technical data needed to demonstrate that the prospective Vendor can competently manufacture the item to the same level of quality, or better, than the already approved source.

There are four different types of SARs based upon what type of item the Vendor is proposing to the Government:

  • SAR Category 1 - Actual Item (have already manufactured or performed Repair, Overhaul, Maintenance and Modification (ROMM))
  • SAR Category 2 - Similar Item (have not previously manufactured or ROMM)
  • SAR Category 3 - New Manufacturer of Item (does not fit above 2 categories)
  • SAR Category 4 - Alternate Item (proposal for alternative item)

Key Resources Include:

Auxiliary Resources Include:

Replenishment Parts, Purchase, or Borrow (RPPOB) Program

The purpose of the Replenishment Parts, Purchase, or Borrow (RPPOB) Program is to allow manufacturers to obtain currently approved items from DLA stock to develop Source Approval Requests (SARs). This is not a funded program for Reverse Engineering, all of the costs are the responsibility of the requesting company. In return, the company will maintain the rights to the resulting developed data if done completely with non-government funding.

Key Resources:

Auxiliary Resources:

Small Business Assistance Programs

The Small Business Office is dedicated to helping businesses achieve their partnership goals with DLA. To get started, follow the "Checklist for Success" on Getting Started with DLA Small Business. Examples of Small Business (SB) programs can be found in the SB Assistance Programs and Grants article or on the DLA Small Business Programs page.

Aviation Small Business Contact Information:

Key Resources:

APEX Accelerators  (Formerly PTAP)

Apex Accelerators, formally known as Procurement Technical Assistance Programs, assists businesses in pursuit of Federal Government contracts by providing education and training to ensure that all businesses become capable of participating in federal, state, and local Government contracts. Some education and training topics include:

  • How to use DLA applications like DLA's Internet Bid Board System (DIBBS) and the System for Award Management (
  • Understanding compliance with DoD's cybersecurity requirements
  • Helping Small Businesses navigate solicitations and potential funding opportunities

Resources on APEX include:

Supplier Performance Risk System 

SPRS is a DLA Internet Bid Board System (DIBBS) application used to visualize a Vendor's performance risk of not delivering on contracts/awards.

Key Resources:

Ratings can be challenged by contacting SPRS directly via phone, email, or writing:

Customer Support Desk Information

Commercial:  (207) 438-1690
DSN:  684-1690

Naval Sea Logistics Center Portsmouth
Portsmouth Naval Shipyard
Bldg 153, 2nd Floor
Portsmouth, NH 03804-5000

Collaboration Folders (cFolders)

cFolders gives access to DLA technical data associated with open solicitations so that vendors can supply DLA with the correct material requested.

Key Resources:

cFolders Contact Information:

For cFolders System Issues, Passwords, and Resets:

  • Reach out to DISA Global Service Desk:
    1.  1-844-347-2457 Press5
    2. Speak or enter D-L-A

For cFolders Admin Teams:

Supplier Requirements Visibility Application 

The Supplier Requirements Visibility Application (SRVA) is a DIBBS based tool that uses data from the DLA planning system to provide 2 years of Projected Purchase Order (PPO) quantity information. This system can be used to help a vendor evaluate: 

  • Past demand for an item
  • Approximate future forecasting for demand of an item


To access the SRVA in DIBBS:

  1. Open DLA Internet Bid Board System (DIBBS) .
  2. Locate the References section.
  3. Select the Supplier Requirements Visibility Application  link.
  4. Login with Username and Password.
  5. Review SRVA content.

Post Award Requests

A Post Award Request (PAR) is the primary method of communication between a Vendor and a Post Award Contract Administrator. A Vendor sends a PAR to make a request or ask a question through the DIBBS portal to the Contract Administrator about a Contract or Purchase Order (PO).

Key Resources on PARs:

PAR Escalation Process

Currently, Vendors can elevate PARs via a PAR escalation mailbox ( The Escalation Administrator determines if the request meets the criterial for a valid escalation, e.g., whether age of PAR exceeds 60 days. When request is verified, the first line Contract Administration Supervisor will contact the Vendor within 24-72 hours via email to aid with resolving the PAR.

Important Notes:

  • This escalation mailbox is only for orders issued to suppliers by DLA Aviation Commodities Directorate, Richmond, VA. 
  • The PAR Escalation Checklist (PDF) contains a list of Vendors that should not use the escalation mailbox and a checklist with an email template for the escalation process.
  • This process is NOT intended to circumvent the PAR process, expedite established PAR processing times, or shift PAR workload priorities. 

System for Award Management 

The System for Award Management is the centralized portal for Vendors to find opportunities & contract data, solicit, and manage their awards with the US Government (including DLA).

Key Videos to Help in SAM Registration Process:

Key Resources Include:

Vendor Shipment Module (VSM) 

VSM is a DLA enterprise-wide, web based system that supports cargo movement from DLA suppliers to DLA customers and DLA warehouses. VSM can be used to notify DLA that a Free On Board (FOB) Origin order is ready for pick up or DLA suppliers can access VSM Military shipping labels, packing lists, and bill of ladings.

Key resources for Vendor Shipment Module:

Contact VSM Support Staff (DLA Administered Contracts)

Help Desk personnel are available Monday - Friday from 6 a.m. - 5 p.m. Eastern
Phone:  1-800-456-5507

VSM Help Desk for DCMA Administered Contracts

Defense Contracting Management Agency Help Desk personnel are available Monday - Friday from 7 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. Central
Phone:  314-331-5573

Preservation, Packaging, Packing and Marking (PPP & M) for Materials

Vendors must follow any preservation, packaging, packing, palletization, and marking requirements outlined in the solicitation, awarded contract, or special packaging instructions in cFolders.

Primary Military and Commercial Standards to review and follow include:

Overview Video on PPP & M 

PPP & M Resources for review include: