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Sourcing and Value Assistance Request

To submit your Sourcing and Value Management requests directly use the new VE ARM button.

Applications | March 23, 2022

VE ARM - Value Engineering Assistance Request Module

 First time users without a DoD Common Access Card (CAC) must register for access through DLA’s Account Management and Provisioning System (AMPS).

Value Engineering (VE) Assistance Information

This form is also known as the Assistance Request Module or ARM.

The use of this form is restricted to DOD Employees and Contractors who need specialized help from DLA Value Engineering. You can expect an initial response to your request within one to five business days. Please understand, alternative such as reverse engineering take a year or more to cycle through the coordination process. Engineering will return requests that cannot be addressed.Value engineering savings

VE savings are the result of approved changes offered by our valued contractors as Value Engineering Change Proposals (VECPs) and Government personnel as Value Engineering Proposals (VEPs). Contractors and employees can submit value engineering assistance requests to obtain initial information on items of interest and to request information on how to formally submit proposals through the tool below. 

DLA Value Management Program provides a method for proposals which recommend cost savings changes to DLA Troop Support systems, equipment, facilities, procedures and supplies. The changes cover a wide area and include commercialization, packaging, packing, labeling, transportation, warehousing, quality assurance and processing.

Supply Chain specific VE/VM info

The following links lead to supply chain specific program information and/or points of contact for their respective VE/VM programs. Use of the Assistance Request Module above is recommended to centralize and source assistance requests, but does not preclude contacting provided POCs otherwise.

Screenshot of VE ARM Application
Screenshot of VE ARM Application
Screenshot of VE ARM Application
Screenshot of VE ARM Application
Screenshot of VE ARM Application
Photo By: DLA Public Affairs
VIRIN: 220328-D-D0441-8101