Account Management and Provisioning System (AMPS) “How To” Guide for WebFLIS Current

WebFLIS provides essential information about supply items including the National Stock Number (NSN), the item name, manufacturers and suppliers (including part numbers), through a web interface connected to Federal Logistics Information Systems (FLIS) data.

DLA Aviation Fact Sheet New

One-page fact sheet about DLA Aviation, a major subordinate command of the Defense Logistics Agency.

DLA Aviation Tri-Fold New

Tri-fold summary for Aviation: Who We Are and What We Do.

DLA Customer Interaction Center Brochure Current

The DLA Customer Interaction Center (CIC) is your “One Call Resolution” point of contact for all logistics issues from acquisition to disposition. The DLA CIC is a unique partnership of Government and Private Industry professionals dedicated to supporting DLA customers

DLA Customer Service Analytics New

Our analysts will compile information from customer interactions with the DLA Customer Interaction Center (CIC) and other DLA forward facing entities and derive Customer Analysis Report and Engagement Summaries (CARES).

DLA Map Catalog Brochure Current

DLA produces an interactive catalog for Military and Government use. The catalog contains only products stocked by DLA. These products are divided into four categories: Aeronautical, Digital, Hydrographic and Topographic (now with USGS coverage), all available in one catalog.

Federal Logistics (FED LOG) Data Current

The Federal Logistics Information System (FLIS) forms the foundation for all logistics information systems. It is the catalog of more than fifteen million Supply Items used by the United States Government and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) partners.

Federal Logistics Information System Web Inquiry (WebFLIS) Current

WebFLIS provides access to information essential for all logisticians - from engineers designing new weapons systems to property managers’ disposal of items. As a WebFLIS user, you will have access to the standard logistics information system in the Federal Government - the Federal Logistics Information System (FLIS).

FedMall Brochure Current

FedMall is the premier government e-commerce acquisition platform providing an optimal experience for customers which include the Department of Defense (DOD), Federal agencies, State and Local governments authorized by specific policy, and DoD contractors under Contractor Logistics Support Agreements. Customers are able to quickly search and purchase items online whatever the need may be from wherever you are.

Interactive Government Industry Reference Data Edit and Review (iGIRDER) Current

Are you interested in reviewing or updating your reference number data in the Federal Cataloging System (FCS)? The reference number consists of a Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) Code and Part Number.