DLA Installation Support for DLA Pacific

DLA Installation Support for DLA Pacific provides high quality, responsive installation management, public safety, environmental, safety and occupational health, and administrative support throughout the Pacific Theater.

Installation Management Services provide safe, reliable, and environmentally sustainable facilities and equipment. We develop facility and master plans, space management plans, energy conservation programs, and establish and maintain real and accountable property records.

Public Safety Services develop and provide effective security review processes and provide DLA activities a secure and safe environment that supports the DLA mission.

Image of the office building for DLA Installation Support for DLA Pacific

Environmental Management services provide program administration and oversight. Our Safety and Occupational Health services execute a robust safety program throughout the Pacific Region that focuses on preventing accidents and mishaps and creating a safe and healthy work environment for all employees.           

DLA Installation Support provides support to all DLA activities who support the warfighter throughout the Pacific Region.

1025 Quincy Ave., Suite 2000
Pearl Harbor, Hawaii USA 96860-4512

808-473-4302 (DSN 315-473)