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What DLA Installation Management Offers

Process Management

The DLA Installation Management Process Management Office provides guidance and directions to employees to document enterprise processes, test controls, identify and correct deficiencies, ensure the numbers are traceable, and that proof exists to achieve auditability.  Process Management also maintains compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and generally accepted accounting principles policies. The office consists of the Business Cycle Integration (BCI) Support Division and the Field Assistance Support (FAS) Division

  • BCI – Maintains a constant state of audit readiness by having sustainable, traceable, and repeatable business processes
  • FAS – Provides Primary Field Level Activities and J/D codes with assistance and support to improve processes and policies and to identify areas where more effective and efficient processes are needed to sustain general equipment and real property audit readiness.  FAS addresses gaps and inefficiencies in the general equipment accountability policies and processes, conducts site assistance visits, and conducts visits to commercial industry sites to baseline best practices that could be leveraged at DS sites.

Phone Number:
 (703) 767-6727

Environmental Management

Our mission is to provide agencywide policy, program, and operational support in environmental compliance, restoration, and sustainability. We are committed to exceeding customer environmental management requirements and fulfill DLA's mission by achieving and sustaining audit readiness through continuous process improvement.

Facilities and Equipment

The Facilities and Equipment Staff Directorate provides staff oversight for installation and facilities management support for all DLA organizations. Advises and assists the Installation Management director and DLA director with meeting and sustaining current and future logistics support capabilities for the U.S. military services and other valued customers. The Facilities and Equipment business areas include Military Construction (MilCon); Sustainment, Restoration, and Modernization (SRM); Energy Resource Management (ERM); Real Estate Management; Accountability of Property, Plant, and Equipment (PP&E); and Facility Related Control System (FRCS).

Security and Emergency Services

DLA Installation Management Security and Emergency Services develops and implements policies, strategies, and guidance that enhance installations, facilities, supply chain security, and protection in support of the Agency's mission and valued customers.  Security and Emergency Services enables the DLA enterprise by providing global, agile, and innovative security and emergency services in the program areas of Antiterrorism (AT), Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and High-Yield Explosives (CBRNE), Emergency Management (EM), Fire and Emergency Services (F&ES), Law Enforcement (LE), and Physical Security (PS).

Family and Morale, Welfare, and Recreation Program

This is a clickable image of the Morale, Welfare and Recreation ProgramDLA Installation Management Family and Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (FMWR) Program is the Agency Enterprise for Family and MWR programs and services at DLA host sites, supporting DLA, Tenants, and the Surrounding Communities. Our Mission is to deliver operational and mission support by enhancing the mental, physical, and emotional well-being of the Warfighter and Warfighter Sustainers; thereby enabling readiness and resilience for globally proactive Defense Logistics Agency.

Visit our commercial enterprise website for more details.

Our history started on the battlefields of World War I where, behind the lines, Salvation Army and Red Cross volunteers tended to the needs of Soldiers as the forerunners of today's MWR specialists. Upon the conclusion of the war, funding stopped, and morale programs were discontinued. In July of 1940, the Morale Division, later named Special Services, was established within the Adjutant General's Office. In 1962, the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) signed a Memorandum of Agreement with the United States Army that provided DLA the ability to follow Army Regulations and provide core support and recreational programming to their military and civilian counterparts. Today, MWR is comprised of six organizations across DLA host sites: Susquehanna (New Cumberland), Columbus, Richmond, San Joaquin, Battle Creek and Fort Belvoir (HQC).

More than 500 Non-Appropriated (NAF) and Appropriated (APF) professionals provide support programs and services to Defense Logistics Agency’s 25k+ workforce consisting of Warfighters, Families, DoD Civilians, as well as tenant agencies, National Guard and Reserve units. More than 500 Non-Appropriated (NAF) and Appropriated (APF) professionals provide support programs to Defense Logistics Agency's 26,000+ workforce consisting of Warfighters, Warfighter Sustainers, Families, DoD Civilians, as well as tenant agencies, Veterans, National Guard and Reserve units. MWR delivers programs and services that are critical to the readiness, well-being, and sustainment of the DLA workforce. We are committed to providing the highest quality of customer service delivered with a sense of individual pride, professionalism, and in keeping with the spirit of DLA's enduring principles. We are committed to providing NAF employees a stable and supportive work environment with equal opportunity for personal growth and professional development. Creativity, innovation, and initiative are encouraged to improve the effectiveness of service delivery. Above all, we are committed to providing our employees the same concern, respect, and caring attitude that we expect them to share with our customers.

MWR programs and services offer Warfighters, Warfighter Sustainers, Veterans, Families, and DoD Civilians opportunities to enhance their lives. Our programs relieve stress, build strength, and resilience, and help the DLA workforce stay physically, mentally, and financially fit.

Key Leaders Title Contact Information
Mr. Christopher Conkle Staff Director, FMWR
Mr. Aaron Smith Enterprise Program Analyst
Ms. Laurie Brown Chief, Family Programs
Ms. Cassandra G. Franklin Chief, Child and Youth Program
Ms. Anne Conner Chief, Business and Recreation Programs
Ms. Kathleen Gunn Chief, NAF Financial Management
Vacant NAF Contracting Manager Vacant
Mr. Roger Verville NAF Information Technology Manager
Ms. Patricia "Ocie" NAF Marketing and Sponsorship Manager

Help us deliver the right solution

By partnering with MWR your brand will be positioned to gain market share through direct sponsorship engagement and advertising opportunities on DLA installations across the country.

Marketing and Advertising

How We Can Help

Our team of installation marketing professionals stand ready to help you reach our unique military market through a variety of marketing channels associated with one of our many MWR programs.

Numerous Benefits

With Commercial Sponsorship as an integral piece of your business strategy, you can:

  • Build new and strengthen existing customer relationships
  • Be part of a nationwide marketing campaign
  • Conduct product sampling
  • Generate leads
  • Integrate sales promotions into your sponsorship

Signage and Promotional Materials

Program promotional materials are strategically placed in high-traffic locations where they reach thousands of MWR customers daily.

Print and Digital Media

All DLA Installations have websites and digital media, and a number have monthly publications.  These platforms allow us to target specific groups where key messages can reach your target market.

Product Sampling and Demonstration

Place your product directly in the hands of your target market through sample distribution or displays. Arrangements can be made for on-site sampling, demonstrations and coupon distribution in conjunction with event/program promotion.


We work closely with our counterparts in the Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps. If you wish to reach all branches of service, we are happy to work a joint program or point you in the right direction. Event cross marketing is also available in DoD agencies, national guard or military reserve units located on DLA installations, which ensures our sponsors and advertisers receive maximum exposure. 

Commercial Sponsorship

The Defense Logistics Agency partners with commercial businesses to enhance recreational and leisure activities for our workforce of more than 25,000 and their families, while increasing awareness of the sponsor’s product and services. These activities not only promote fitness and esprit de corps, but also improve the quality of life for our installation community.

The Benefits of Commercial Sponsorship:

  • Face-to-face contact with our military communities

  • Installation-wide events, festivals, club promotions, family programs, and entertainment

  • Advertisement via publications distributed across DLA installations

  • Booth and banner display

  • Generate good will and positive relationships

  • Improve or create brand recognition and loyalty

  • Drive business through your doors through distribution of coupons and promotional materials

By sponsoring one or more of our events, you can have your company’s name and logo on all event advertising and publicity. We have a range of successful, proven tactics for implementing effective promotions such as dominant signage, high traffic locations for exhibits, tastings and samplings, interactive displays, strategically positioned logo and effective distribution plans for literature and coupons.

Contact us to learn more about our partnership opportunities:

Patricia "Ocie" Jacobs Pejcic
Marketing Specialist (571) 581-5875