Are you looking for a challenging career? Then the DLA Police Force may be the place for you! Find out more about what the DLA Police do and what they can offer.

About the DLA Police

Protect with Pride: Defense Logistics Agency Police

DLA Values: What We Consider Important In The Way We Deliver Our Police Services

Service. . . Our commitment to warfighter success

People. . . Our greatest resource

Excellence. . . Quality in everything we do

Innovation. . . Preparing to meet future needs

Trust. . . Our standard in every relationship

Defense Logistics Agency Police Mission: (What We Do and Who We Do It For)

The DLA Police serve as the agency’s first line of defense against acts of terrorism, espionage, and crime.

The DLA Police provide around-the-clock force protection, antiterrorism, and security operations through policing, facilities security, emergency response, and protective countermeasure programs for agency installations and facilities in order to protect DLA people, resources, mission and infrastructure from violence and destruction.

DLA Police Core Functions: The two core functions of the DLA Police are force protection and security operations, which include:

  • Protect life and property.
  • Defend against acts of terrorism, espionage, and crime
  • Promote compliance with and ensure federal laws, applicable state laws, and Department of Defense regulations and orders are observed.
  • Installation access control
  • Perform regular patrols of the installation
  • Anti-terrorism and crime prevention
  • Respond to alarms and other indications of suspicious activity
  • Investigate minor criminal offenses and/or secure crime or incident scene
  • First responder to all types of emergencies, terrorism incidents, or volatile situations
  • Ensure traffic laws and regulations are observed