Graphic of iWatch Logo

iWATCH DLA, an antiterrorism awareness program, is being implemented throughout DLA to support the Agency's awareness campaign. iWATCH DLA is a Enterprise-wide, up-to-date version of Neighborhood Watch, approved for adoption by senior leadership. One purpose of the program is to promote antiterrorism awareness across DLA. Another purpose is to leverage every member of the DLA community as a sensor to help identify and prevent potential terrorist acts.

Essentially, iWATCH DLA empowers soldiers, family members, and civilian employees with protecting places where they live, work or play. iWATCH DLA is an antiterrorism awareness program that soldiers, family members and the civilian workforce throughout our communities, both on and off installations, should be familiar with in order to promote and enhance reporting suspicious activity or behavior. If it doesn't look right, then it probably is not. If you see something, say something.

The program has two elements: "passive" and "active." The passive element is an individual's situational awareness of his or her surroundings. The active element of iWATCH DLA involves individuals taking action to report suspicious behavior or activities to law enforcement for more investigation.

Although it has been over a decade since terrorists shocked the United States by attacking the World Trade Center twin towers and the Pentagon, the threat of terrorism is far from diminished. In an era of persistent engagement and the near-constant threat of terrorism, we must sustain a strong defense posture. Extremist ideologies and separatist movements will continue to threaten our nation. DLA installations, facilities, and operational forces must be capable of deterring and defending against the full range of threats, including terrorist attack.

The home-grown threat continues to increase in frequency, so iWATCHers should look for suspicious behavior by individuals as well as groups. Domestic-terrorism incidents by American citizens hit a peak in 2009 and the trend still continues to this day. More terrorist threats were uncovered in the United States in 2009 than in any year since 2001, there have been 32 terrorism-related events on American soil since 9/11 and that 12 of those occurred in 2009.

One reason so many terrorism-related cases popped up in recent years is due to the improved ability of U.S. authorities to detect plots, aided by Americans who have grown more alert to the danger. More and more people will call in the police or FBI when they see something suspicious.