DLA Installation Support Process Management

The DLA Installation Support Process Management Office provides guidance and directions to employees to document enterprise processes, test controls, identify and correct deficiencies, ensure the numbers are traceable, and that proof exists to achieve auditability.  Process Management also maintains compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and generally accepted accounting principles policies. The office consists of the Business Cycle Integration (BCI) Support Division and the Field Assistance Support (FAS) Division.

  • BCI – Maintains a constant state of audit readiness by having sustainable, traceable, and repeatable business processes
  • FAS – Provides Primary Field Level Activities and J/D codes with assistance and support to improve processes and policies and to identify areas where more effective and efficient processes are needed to sustain general equipment and real property audit readiness.  FAS addresses gaps and inefficiencies in the general equipment accountability policies and processes, conducts site assistance visits, and conducts  visits to commercial industry sites to baseline best practices that could be leveraged at DS sites.

Andrew T McNamara Building, Suite 3344
Fort Belvoir, Virginia USA 22060

703-767-6727 (DSN 427)