About DLA Logistics Operations (J3)

DLA Logistics Operations (J3) is responsible for the end-to-end supply chain management of the DLA nine supply chains, providing logistics and materiel process management policy, guidance, and oversight while conducting continuous assessments of supply chain performance. We integrate strategic, operational, and tactical perspectives, command and control functions for contingency operations, and adaptive planning in order to influence the logistics supply chain. DLA Logistics Operations is the principal planner for DLA business operations, championing best business practices, Enterprise Business Systems (EBS), and value-added logistics solutions for the warfighter.  Our organization oversees the daily operation of the Major Subordinate Command (MSC) and engages DLA HQ Directorates and MSCs to gather and interpret customer requirements for the agency.

In support of customers around the world, DLA Logistics Operations serves to maximize readiness and logistics combat power by leveraging enterprise solutions.  To fulfill this mission, elements aligned under our organization include Operations and Sustainment (J31), Mission Support (J32), Logistics Policy and Strategic Programs (J34), Nuclear Enterprise Support Office (J310), and the Business Management Office (BMO).

Federal and International Cataloging

The Federal and International Cataloging tools are a collection of Department of Defense (DOD) (DD) Forms, Guides, Policies, Procedures and Data Systems that are used in the development, creation and maintenance of National Stock Numbers (NSNs).

Additional information can be found on the Federal and International Cataloging home page.


The JCP established in 1985 to allow United States (U.S.)/Canadian contractors to apply for access to Department of Defense/Department of National Defence (DOD/DND) unclassified export controlled technical data/critical technology on an equally favorable basis in accordance with DODI 5320.25 “Withholding of Unclassified Technical Data and Technology from Public Disclosure”, and Canadian Technical Data Control Regulations.

DD Form 2345 Instructions are available to assist you in completing your form.

Additional information can be found on the JCP home page.


DLA has a responsibility to protect the export-controlled data entrusted to its care by the military services from unauthorized disclosure and in accordance with Trade Security Control laws.

Additional information can be found on the Export Control Data Access home page.


  • DLA Customer Interaction Center (CIC)
    The DLA CIC is your “One Call Resolution” point of contact for all logistics issues related to DLA. We’re here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including government holidays.
  • Demilitarization (DEMIL) Codes
    DEMIL code indicates the degree of required physical destruction, identifies items requiring specialized capabilities or procedures, and identifies items which do not require DEMIL but may require Trade Security Controls. It is used throughout the life-cycle to identify control requirements required before release from Department of Defense (DOD) control. 
  • DLA Packaging
    Provides an overview of DLA Packaging Team and highlights hot procurement and shipping issues as it relates to military packaging.
  • Electronic Cataloging (E-Cat)
    E-Cat is a DLA Logistics Information Services Web based application designed to allow registered users the ability to query the status of cataloging requests and submit requests for catalog action.
  • H2 Federal Supply Classification (FSC)
    H2 FSC provides search capability of Federal Supply Groups and Classes (FSG and FSC) with definitions.
  • H6 Item Name Directory
    H6 Item Name Directory provides search capability of Item Names based on Federal Supply Class (FSC), keyword search, Item Name Code and Item Identification Guide (IIG).
  • Training and Reference
    Comprehensive tools and information for your logistics needs, including detailed National Stock Number (NSN) data, E-Commerce ordering, essential training opportunities, and customer support.


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