Kitting Support

The preferred provider of kitting solutions for the military services and other customers. DLA engages both customers and suppliers when formulating kitting recommendations. DLA considers all the options to best support customers' needs and ensure the quality, integrity and affordability of products and services.


Land – Land Kitting contains kits that support all land-based weapon systems, including small arms, generators, and with tracked and wheeled vehicles.

Maritime – Maritime Kitting contains kits that support all maritime-based weapon systems, including torpedo launchers, patrol boats, ships, pumps and valves.

Medical – Assemblies range in size from small first aid kits to large mobile field hospitals, and may include both medical and nonmedical items.

Subsistence – Military food items for individual and group field feeding.

Clothing & Textiles – Kits managed by Clothing & Textiles include portable tents and shelters, ecumenical kits, and martial arts training kits.

Aviation – Aviation kits are tailored to specific customer tasks and requirements and are designed to increase aircraft readiness for operational field units and all levels of aircraft maintenance. The kits are comprised of various DLA and non-DLA managed components and range in size and complexity.

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DLA Land and Maritime (Land)
Commercial: 614-692-1759/4857
DSN: 850-1759/4857
DLA Land and Maritime (Maritime)
Commercial: 614-692-4244/4857
DSN: 850-4244/4857
DLA Troop Support Clothing & Textiles
Commercial: 215-737-7948/2451
DSN: 444-1759/4857
DLA Troop Support Medical
Commercial: 215-737-8203/4171
DSN: 444-8203/4171
DLA Troop Support Subsistence
Commercial: 215-737-3834/4435
DSN: 444-3834/4435
DLA Troop Support Construction & Equipment
Commercial: 215-737-7195/4644
DSN: 444-7195/4644
DLA Aviation
Commercial: 804-279-3138/3898
DSN: 695-3138/3898
DLA Distribution
Commercial: 717-770-4084/8988
DSN: 695-4084/8988
DLA Headquarters Materiel Policy,
Process and Assessment
Commercial: 703-767-1532
DSN: 427-1532