Kitting FAQs

How will DLA Kitting facilitate my maintenance, overhaul or operation tasks?

DLA Kitting will simplify and quicken your requisitioning process by providing all the necessary parts in one kit, by allowing you to submit one requisition instead of multiple. Lead times and cost for the maintenance, overhaul or operation tasks will be reduced. Additionally, customers may specify services in conjunction with parts.

What is the intent of DLA Kitting?

DLA's kitting solutions consider all logistics options to best support customers’ needs and ensure the quality, integrity and affordability of products and services. DLA's supply chains – Aviation, Land, Maritime, Construction & Equipment, Clothing & Textiles, Medical, and Subsistence have provided thousands of Kits.

How does a customer submit requests?

Customers can submit kit requests through their customer support representatives. Customers may also choose to submit their kitting requirements to customer operations personnel at the appropriate DLA supply chain, if no customer support representatives have been established.

Will DLA assist customers in obtaining engineering support activity approval for the kit?

DLA will assist the customer by working with ESAs and program offices to obtain approval for kits. The managing DLA supply chain will ensure coordination and approval is obtained.

What is a “Make to Stock" kit?

MTS kits are standard kits that are assembled and stocked in depots for future use based on past usage and projected demand. These are available through military standard requisitioning and issue procedures.

What is a "Make to Order" kit?

Made to Order Kits are not part of the Kitting Program.

How can I order a kit already in the supply system?

You can go to the Federal Mall (FedMall) website to order a kit. You can also contact your CSR (PDF).