Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Packaging
Bar Coding Requirements For Direct Vendor Delivery (DVD) Shipments (52.211-9C28) (May 1999)

This bar coding requirement is applicable only to shipment of material to a location other than a DLA Distribution Depot (i.e., direct vendor deliver (DVD).

In addition to other marking requirements in this contract, the following separate lines of bar coded data, with Human-Readable Interpretation (HRI) printed directly below the element, shall be provided:

  1. Document number and suffix
  2. National Stock Number (NSN) (in absence of the NSN. the CAGE and Part Number)
  3. ICP Routing Identifier Code (RIC), Unit of Issue, quantity, condition code, distribution code, and unit price.

These bar code markings shall either be placed on or printed on labels affixed to either the DD Form 250/250c or the commercial packing list. If used on DD Form 250/250c it should be in blocks 15, 16, 17, etc. In either case, these documents shall be furnished in Packing List Envelopes affixed to the outside of the shipping container.

The bar code symbology shall be Code 3 of 9 (Code 39) in accordance with ISO/IEC 16388.


In bar code element 1, the Document Number above consists of a 14-character (15 characters when a suffix is included) alphanumeric code. It may be listed on a contract/order as the Requisition Number, Transportation Control Number (TCN), etc.   In bar code element 2 above, the NSN will appear as a 13-digit code without the dashes.

In bar code element 3 above, for all award numbers beginning "SP07..." the RIC is "S9C"; for all award numbers beginning "SP09..." the RIC is "S9E"; the appropriate "UI" will appear as a two digit alpha character; the "QTY" will appear as a five position code, including zero fillers left of the number; the condition code will always be listed as an "A"; the distribution code will be a two position zero filled code; and the unit price will be a six position zero filled code. No spaces shall separate the individual data elements.

Distribution Code: 00
Unit Price: 000000

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