Frequently Asked Questions - Special Marking Codes

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Listed below are the special marking codes listed in MIL-STD-2073-1D. Further information about each of these codes are available in MIL-STD-129 and/or MIL-STD-2073. If your question is not listed within our Marking FAQs, please use either our feedback form to add a Packaging FAQ to this listing or contact us directly by E-mailing your Questions or Comments to:

  ZZ Special requirements
  01 Fragile
  02 Arrow up
  03 Method 50
  04 Fragile, Arrow up and Method 50
  05 Delicate instrument
  06 Delicate instrument and Arrow up
  07 Glass - do not drop
  08 Keep dry
  09 Perishable - keep frozen
  10 Keep at 40 degrees temperature
  11 Sling point
  12 Fragile, Method 50
  13 Open this side
  14 Center of balance
  15 Use no hooks
  16 Top
  17 Reusable container
  18 Remove top first
  19 Method 50 reusable container
  20 Do not bend
  21 Do not sling
  23 Perishable biologicals, do not freeze
  24 Open for inspection or use only
  25 Box ___ of ___
  26 Load bearing area
  28 Do not drop or throw
  29 Do not hump
  30 Top heavy
  31 Center of gravity
  32 Type I, shelf life
  33 Type II, shelf life
  34 Manufacturer's part number
  36 Fragile, arrow up, and glass
  37 Fragile, arrow up
  39 ESD sensitive electronic device requirements of MIL-STD-129 apply
  40 Omission of marking for sensitive, controlled or pilferable items per MIL-STD-129
  51 Marking shall be accomplished in accordance with the marking requirements in the applicable procedural packaging specification
  52 Hardness critical
  60 Asbestos Warning label
  00 No special marking

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Last Updated 28 Oct 2015