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DLA Distribution Consolidation and Containerization for Vendors


DLA Distribution How to Process Customer Returns


Army Sustainment Command, Module 1: Care of Long Life Reusable Containers (LLRCs)


Army Sustainment Command, Module 2-Determining Preservation Requirements


Army Sustainment Command, Module 3-Packaging Requirements Walkthrough


Army Sustainment Command, Module 4-Packaging Remediation


Army Sustainment Command, Module 5-Unit Pack Marking Requirements



Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Packaging

The DLA Packaging Home page provides general packaging information, tips, tools, links and basic guidance.

It is DLA Policy that materiel will be procured, received, stored, and shipped with adequate, continuous protection at the lowest overall cost.

Packaging requirements are developed and applied to support the needs of the ultimate consignee. Materiel will be procured, fully packaged in a ready-for-issue state. State-of-the-art materials, processes, and equipment will be used to the maximum extent possible. Vendors are encouraged to use state-of-the-art materials, processes, and equipment in accordance with contract requirements. 

Vendor Inquiries on Contractual Requirements (DIBBS)
The primary contact for all contractors/vendors is the contracting officer.  Vendors should submit a Post Award Request (PAR) for any question (packaging related or other) using the Post Award Request (PAR) link on DLA Internet Bid Board System (DIBBS).

DLA Packaging and Marking Guide 2021 (PDF)
The DLA packaging and marking guide was created to provide vendors with the basics of understanding DLA packaging requirements.  This guide will be updated periodically based on input from the packaging field and feedback from vendors.

Provides information concerning DLA palletization requirements.

MIL-STD-129 Examples
Provides examples unit package, intermediate container, and exterior container identification and bar code markings.

Military Standards and Specifications (Quick Search)
Quick Search is a public website that lets users search for defense and federal specifications and standards, military handbooks, commercial item descriptions, data item descriptions, MS detail drawings, Qualified Product Lists (QPLs), and related technical documents prepared in accordance with the policies and procedures of the Defense Standardization Program (DSP).

Medical Items - DLA Troop Support Managed Materiel
DLA Troop Support Managed Materiel-Provides marking standards, packaging specifications and other information specific to medical materiel and cold chain management.

Electrostatic Discharge Sensitive (ESDS)
General information for ESDS to include why ESDS items are sensitive, the required method of preservation, approved packaging materials, and work station requirements.

‚ÄčHazardous Material Management System-Performance Oriented Packaging (HMMS-POP) Access Request Instructions
Provides instructions for requesting access to HMMS-POP.

DLA Approved Commercial Packaging
Approved commercial packaging permits use of non-specification materials. ASTM D3951, Standard Practice for Commercial Packaging, provides standard commercial guidelines and will be utilized when specified by the contract/purchase order.


Packaging Quick Links

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