Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Packaging

All engineering, manufacturing, quality, and procurement efforts are in vain if the product reaches its destination in a damaged condition.

Packaging is a very critical component supporting our Center's efforts to provide our Department of Defense (DOD) customers with quality products while meeting requisition deadlines. Our DLA Packaging Team is available to assist you in the interpretation of military packaging requirements specified within DLA solicitations, purchase orders, and contracts. We recommend your personnel acquire Military Packaging training to support and expedite your business pursuits with any DLA Inventory Control Points (ICP). Below is a list of training resources to assist you in your pursuit of acquiring (resident, on-site, and correspondence) Military Packaging, Transportation, and Environmental training.

Training Opportunities (Agencies & Institutions)

Department of Transportation Training

DLA Land and Maritime Packaging Training (TKO Seminar)

Indiana State University

Michigan State University School of Packaging

OSHA - Hazard Communication Course

Procurement Technical Assistance Centers

University of Wisconsin-Stout Packaging Program

U.S. Army Defense Ammunition Center and School (McAlester, OK)

For a list of DAVIS/DITIS packaging training videos, please visit our Military Packaging Awareness web page.

E-mail us at for questions or additional interest in DLA Packaging.