Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Packaging

This palletization page provides information concerning the DLA palletization requirements.  RP001, found on the Technical and Quality Master List of Requirements, provide the palletization requirements for current contracts.  Older contracts may reference MD00100452 Revision C.

Palletization No. MD00100452 Revision C Dated 09/2016

ANSI/MHIA MH1 may be obtained at

Shipments packaged in accordance with ASTM D3951 and/or MIL-STD-2073-1 shall be palletized in accordance with MIL-STD-147

Level A packing, pallets shall utilize ANSI/MHIA-MH1, Part No. MH1/9-05SW4048 pallet. The total weight of the unitized load shall not exceed 3000 lbs. evenly distributed.  

Level B packing, pallets shall utilize ANSI/MHIA-MH1, Part No. MH1/9-02SW4048 pallet for unit loads less than 1500 lbs. evenly distributed. For unit loads greater than 1500 lbs. but less than 3000 lbs. evenly distributed, ANSI/MHIA-MH1, Part No. MH1/9-05SW4048 pallet shall be utilized.

DLA DWG 03204, Classification of Defects of Pallets

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