Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Packaging
Typical Packaging Discrepancies

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Discrepancy Codes Listing

The following are typical packaging discrepancies reported on Packaging Supply Discrepancy Reports (SDR). Consider these typical packaging discrepancies as tips for inspecting incoming products and to report any deviations or omissions.




Preservation inadequate Container inadequate Wrong National Stock Number (NSN)
Item is corroded Closure inadequate Wrong item description
Material contaminated Strapping inadequate Wrong quantity marked on unit container
Cushioning inadequate Cushioning inadequate Wrong Unit of Issue
Non-specification materials used Blocking inadequate Method/Date of packaging incorrect/omitted
Excessive preservation Skids omitted Contract Number incorrect/omitted
Quantity within Unit Container incorrect Excessive packing ESD symbol, label or marking incorrect/omitted
    RFID tag missing or incorrectly labeled (P311-P317)

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