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DLA Research and Development is dedicated to improving warfighter support by addressing military needs, redefining internal business processes for DLA's global supply chain and addressing industrial base manufacturing issues.

DLA R&D focuses on logistics, manufacturing technology and small business innovation with over 200 projects. R&D's mission is to develop and deliver new capabilities through applied technologies and innovative solutions to enhance warfighter sustainment.


Two workers move a large aircraft part

Name Description Details
Acquisition Modernization Technology Research (AMTR) Leads the evolutionary future of acquisition, delivering collaborative, digitally enabled solutions through emerging technologies, data science and processes that leverage a knowledge-rich workforce, actionable market intelligence, modernized enterprise IT resources, and a secure and connected supply chain.​ AMTR Quick Reference (PDF)
Energy Readiness Program (ERP) Guides Research and Development efforts for operational energy initiatives related to the DOD Class III Bulk Fuels and Energy. ERP Quick Reference (PDF)
Strategic Distribution & Disposition (SDD) Supports the DLA Distribution Modernization Program by closing the gap between the public and private sector capabilities. SDD Quick Reference (PDF)
Supply Chain Management (SCM) Enhances DLA’s ability to correctly assess and meet current and future warfighter supply chain requirements by leveraging Research and Development to infuse innovation into solutions.  SCM Quick Reference (PDF)
Logistics Technology Research (LTR) Leverages advanced technologies to shape acquisition, planning and supply chain security across the DLA supply chain network. LTR Quick Reference (PDF)
Applied Research & Testing Emergent Technologies (ARTET) A testing and development resource for Research & Development and other non-R&D program projects and prototypes. ARTET Quick Reference (PDF)

Cast parts are moved in a warehouse

Name Description Details
Advanced Microcircuit Emulation (AME)

Develops and implements a trusted, flexible, continuing design and manufacturing capability to produce military qualified form, fit and function microcircuits​.

AME Quick Reference (PDF)
Battery Network (BATTNET)

Leverages emerging technologies to improve defense battery production, logistics and performance.

BATTNET Quick Reference (PDF)
Additive Manufactuing

Provides the warfighter with alternative supply sources, decreasing lead times while increasing material availability and readiness.

Additive Manufactuing Quick Reference (PDF)

DLA Additive Manufacturing Implementation Plan (PDF)

Casting Strengthens the industrial supply chain for weapon system production and sustainment of metal cast parts​. Casting Quick Reference (PDF)
Forging Strives to strengthen the industrial supply chain for weapon system production and sustainment of forged parts​. Forging Quick Reference (PDF)
Defense Logistics Information Research (DLIR)

Researches core technologies to improve the quality and interoperability of logistics data.

DLIR Quick Reference (PDF)
Military Unique Sustainment Technology (MUST) Focuses on Troop Support Clothing and Textiles related issues and addresses the Government Accountability Office recommendation and challenges identified by the stakeholders.  MUST Quick Reference (PDF)
Subsistence Network (SUBNET) Seeks emerging technologies to improve and implement innovative processes and capabilities in the subsistence supply chain. SUBNET Quick Reference (PDF)

Broad Agency Announcements

A worker pours molten metal

Description Link Open Dates Type Ceiling
Metal Casting – Scientific study and experiments directed toward advancing the state-of-the-art or increasing knowledge or understanding in areas related to Metal Casting BAA 0001-21 7/15/2021-6/30/2026


  • Cost Sharing IDIQ – CPFF, FFP Considered
  • White Paper


Subsistence Network – Develop manufacturing improvements in the subsistence supply chain including Combat Rations, Field Feeding Solutions, Food Footprint, Equipment, Innovations, et al. BAA 0004-21 7/14/2021-7/13/2026


  • Cost Reimbursement
  • White Paper process


Defense Logistics Information Research/Supply Chain Management – Advanced processes and technologies enabling DLA business process transition to DoD’s Digital Engineering and Digital Modernization Strategy, and DLA’s Technical Data Modernization Transformation. BAA 0002-21 9/02/2021-12/30/2026
  • IDIQ
  • White Paper process


Battery Network – Manufacturing and logistics solutions that improve the industry’s capability to deliver ready-to-use, improved performance, quality, safety, and shelf-life batteries faster and at lower cost BAA 0006-21 9/02/2021-9/16/2026


  • IDIQ
  • White Paper process


Military Unique Sustainment Technology (MUST) – Re-engineering DLA Troop Support Clothing and Individual Equipment supply chain into Model Based Enterprise BAA 0001-20 4/1/2021-8/2/2025


  • Cost Reimbursable IDIQ
  • White Paper process


Weapon Systems Sustainment (WSS) – Technologies or innovative business practices for weapon systems. BAA-0002-19 8/13/2020-8/28/2024


  • Cost Reimbursable IDIQ
  • White Paper 


Emergent IV BAA – Scientific study and experimentation directed toward advancing the state-of-the-art or increasing knowledge or understanding in 14 Areas of Interest not anticipated by DLA’s annual R&D program planning and development processes. BAA-0001-22 6/13/2022- 6/12/2027


  • Cost, Cost Sharing, CPFF
  • At Gov’t’s discretion FFP
  • White Paper process




Abstract poster for the 2022 Industry Collider Day September 8, 2022

2022 Industry Collider Day

Renewing and Reshaping our Global Supply Chain Solutions


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DLA's Research & Development team oversees programs that look ahead to prepare the agency for the future. The Defense Logistics Information Research program or DLIR is all about how to manage digital supply chain information in the fourth industrial revolution. #WarfighterAlways For more information about DLA R&D visit:

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R&D program yields new sources for obsolete parts, raw materials 

DLA research and development team matches America’s small businesses with research and development projects that address critical supply chain gaps and security threats.