Military Packaging Awareness

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Military Packaging exists based upon the lessons learned (and often not learned) when improper packaging failed to protect materiel in combat logistics support missions. The packages must properly protect the items to meet the most severe worldwide shipment, handling, and storage conditions. To ensure combat readiness at all times, packages must also be capable of protecting items from the effects of direct exposure to extremes of climate, terrain, and operational and transporation environments. If the items reach its destination in a damaged condition, all engineering, manufacturing, quality, and procurement efforts are in vain. DoD Packaging Specialists are committed to developing optimum package designs at the lowest overall cost to continue to support the needs of our DoD customers.

The following information has been compiled as an awareness tool for you to gain a better understanding of military packaging, its contributions to combat readiness, and its invisible protective role. After reading these articles, essays, studies, and viewing the videos, we are confident that you too will regard military packaging as a very critical component of combat readiness.


The following highlighted videos are available at the Defense Imagery and were originally developed for site fleet and shore training by TARP Field representatives. Contractors have informed us that these video tapes were quite helpful as supplemental training aids. Copies may be ordered at Defense Imagery URL: Use the search engine and enter either the stock number or title to retrieve results.
Stock # Title Time Source
28021 Round Trip Ticket-Shipping Containers 0:20:30 USAF
30491 Importance of Military Packaging 0:18:16 ARMY
69117 Selection of Exterior Shipping Containers 0:16:00 ARMY
71337 Heat Sealing 0:16:00 ARMY
606761 Electrostatic Discharge 0:10:00 USAF
702015 Packaging of Repairable and Returnable Items 0:13:42 ARMY
702016 Open and Covered Wooden Crates 0:12:14 ARMY
707071 Foam In Place 0:16:27 ARMY
707072 Fabrication of Nail Wood Boxes 0:18:34 ARMY
707073 Preservation of Military Supplies, Method III 0:20:10 ARMY
707074 Marking for Shipment and Storage 0:20:00 ARMY
708504 E-3 Awareness, Electromagnetic Environmental Effects 0:14:00 ARMY
708991 Introduction to Military Packing 0:17:07 ARMY
710092 Cleated Panel Boxes 0:17:45 ARMY
710730 Sheathed Wood Crates 0:13:27 ARMY
710919 Military Preservation: Method 10 0:19:10 ARMY
710920 Method 20 Military Packaging 0:12:17 ARMY
710922 Method 40 Military Packaging 0:12:17 ARMY
803784 ESD: The Invisible Threat 0:12:18 NAVY
805569 Hazardous Material Offload 0:14:43 NAVY

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Last Updated:  6 Oct 2015