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Our Commitment to You:

Providing our DoD customers with excellent products and services is our number one priority!  We understand that informed and knowledgeable contractors assist us in streamlining administrative actions, reducing costs, increasing levels of ready-for-issue supplies, and decreasing procurement lead times.

Our commitment and focus are to develop a web site that provides the essential and reliable military packaging information at your fingertips. Our web pages are researched and designed extensively to assist in your growth and development as a well-seasoned and resourceful contractor.

For web development inquiries, visit our Resources web page to view a project list of future developments and/or visit our Site News! web page for the new additions and revisions to our web site.  For current international news as it impacts the packaging community, visit our Packaging News web page.  Visit our Feedback web page to provide your comments or suggestions for web development, process improvements, or contact any DLA ICP to request packaging assistance by completing the electronic form.  The feedback you provide will assist our development efforts of web pages geared to clarify packaging issues and expand the topics of interest as it relates to packaging.

Our staff is very supportive and enthusiastic about helping contractors succeed in their military packaging endeavors. Together, we can increase the awareness, importance, and the level of excellence in the field of packaging.

Best Regards,
The DLA Packaging Team

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Last Updated:  13 Oct 2015