Frequently Asked Questions - Domestic Address Label

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The domestic shipment address for contractor- or vendor-originated shipments shall contain the following minimum information in the order listed.[MIL-STD-129P, paragraph 4.3.1 (a-g) and Figure 2]

  • Control Number or Reference Number: Enter the 17 character (alphanumeric) Transportation Control Number (TCN) for shipments entering the DTS, as applicable. For consolidated shipments, a lead TCN must be used. For some shipments, marking the contract number (C/N), purchase order number (P/O), or Government Bill of Lading (B/L) number may be required by the contract.
  • From: Name and address of consignor (DoD activity address code (DoDAAC) and in-the-clear address, if applicable.
  • To: Name and address of the consignee (DoDAAC and in-the-clear address, if applicable).
  • Project Code and Required Delivery Date (RDD), when required. The RDD is the day of the year (e.g., 087, 198, etc.) specified on the requisition when material is required by the requisitioner or consignee. If the RDD is not appropriate, enter '000'.
  • Gross Weight and Cube (this piece).
  • Piece Number and Total Pieces.
  • Additional Data, when required by the procuring activity.

Below is an example of a domestic address label for a contractor- or vendor-originated shipment.

        TCN   W6262Q50980209XXX
        B/L    #C2718722
        FM    NOVO METAL CO
                 MOSCOW, PA 18444-3297
                 W25G1W TOBYHANNA ARMY DEPOT
                 ATTN: AMXLS-ST
                 TOBYHANNA, PA 18466-5096

        RDD   300
        WT   70     CU   5.3
        BOX 1 OF 2

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Last Updated:  8 Oct 2015