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This palletization page provides information concerning the DLA contract clause governing palletization as well as the actual palletization requirement number MD00100452 revision C. 


EBS Palletization No. MD00100452 Revision C Dated 09/2016


DLA DWG 03204, Classification of Defects of Pallets 


     Level A packing, pallets shall utilize ANSI/MHIA-MH1, Part No. MH1/9-05SW4048 pallet.  The total weight of the unitized load shall not exceed 3000 lbs evenly distributed.

     Level B packing, pallets shall utilize ANSI/MHIA-MH1, Part No. MH1/9-02SW4048 pallet for units loads less than 1500 lbs evenly distributed.  For unit loads greater than 1500 lbs but less than 3000 lbs evenly distributed, ANSI/MHIA-MH1, Part No. MH1/9-05SW4048 pallet shall be utilized

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