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Listed below are the contact preservatives with the associated codes, specifications, and description. If you have any questions, please use either our feedback form to add a Packaging FAQ to this listing or contact us directly by E-mail us at:


01 MIL-PRF-16173, Grade 1, corrosion preventive, solvent cutback, cold application, hard film Asphalt compound dissolved in petroleum solvent; dries to hard film in 4 hours Protect noncritical metal items in outdoor storage; used on bolts, chains and similar items
02 MIL-PRF-16173, Grade 2, corrosion preventive, solvent cutback, cold application, soft film Amber colored compound diluted in solvent; dries soft; mixes with oil; applied cold Extended under cover protection to exterior surfaces of machinery, bearings and instruments; used outdoors for limited periods only
03 MIL-PRF-16173, Grade 3, corrosion preventive, solvent cutback, cold application, water displacing soft film Solvent dispersed compound that deposits a thin non-drying film that displaces water Used where fresh or salt water displacing is required; interior machinery surfaces or material under cover
06 MIL-C-11796, Class 3, light preservative compound, soft film, hot application Petrolatum base corrosion preventive; dries soft and greasy Bearing preservation; machined surfaces that are brushable
07 MIL-PRF-3150 (Formerly MIL-L-3150), medium preservative oil, cold application Highly refined lubricating oil with corrosion inhibitor added Lubricating and preservating internal surfaces of machine assemblies (except combustion engines); also for small arms and artillery
09 MIL-PRF-32033, very light preservative oil, water displacing, cold application Light, low viscosity oil containing rust inhibitors Small arms and weapons protection; components of internal combustion engines
10 MIL-PRF-21260 (formerly MIL-L-21260), preservative and break-in lubricating oil, internal combustion engine, Grade 10, 30, or 50. Light, medium or heavy viscosity oil with additives Reciprocating spark-ignition and compression - ignition engines preservation; also all types of ground equipment; oils are operational and need not be drained
11 MIL-PRF-23827 (formerly MIL-G-23827), grease, aircraft and instrumental, gear and actuator screw. Smooth homogenous mix-gelling agent Ball, roller and needle bearings, gears, electronic items and aircraft control systems
12 MIL-PRF-81322 (Formerly MIL-G-81322), grease, aircraft, general purpose. Wide temperature range liquid lubricant (grease) Operating lubricant for aircraft related equipment
13 MIL-G-10924, grease, automotive and artillery.    
15 MIL-H-46170, hydraulic fluid, synthetic, rust inhibited, fire resistant.   CANCELLED Synthetic hydrocarbon base hydraulic fluids Intended for use in tank recoil mechanism and hydraulic systems
17 MIL-PRF-6085 (Formerly MIL-L-6085), lubricating oil, instrument, aircraft, low volatility. Synthetic oil with additives for anti-oxidation and corrosion protection Aircraft instruments and electronic equipment
19 MIL-PRF-16173, Grade 4, corrosion preventive, solvent cutback, cold application, transparent, non-tacky. Solvent dispersed, amber colored, non-tacky film General purpose indoor and limited outdoor protection where transparency is desired
20 MIL-P-46002, preservative oil, contact and volatile corrosion inhibited.    
21 MIL-PRF-16173, Grade 5, corrosion preventive, solvent cutback, water displacing soft film, low pressure steam removable    
26 MIL-C-83933, corrosion preventive, cold application, for motor vehicles    
27 MIL-C-16555, Type I, sprayable strippable coating, aluminum and aluminum gray    
28 MIL-C-16555, Type II, Class 1, sprayable strippable coating, olive drab    
29 MIL-C-16555, Type II, Class 2, sprayable strippable coating, Marine Corps green    
30 MIL-L-46010, corrosion inhibiting lubricant, solid film, heat cured Solid film lubricant intended to reduce wear and prevent galling, corrosion and seizure of materials Intended for use on aluminum, aluminum alloys, copper and copper alloys, steel and stainless steel, titanium and chromium and nickel bearing surfaces
31 MIL-C-6529, Type II, corrosion preventive, ready mixed, for reciprocating aircraft engines   INACTIVE Ready mixed for reciprocation engines For preservating reciprocating engines and equipment
32 MIL-C-6529, Type III, corrosion preventive, ready mixed, for turbojet aircraft engines Ready mixed material for jet aircraft engines For preserving turbojet engines
33 MIL-PRF-7808 (formerly MIL-L-7808), lubricating oil, synthetic base, for aircraft turbine engines Synthetic based lubricating oil Operating lubricating oil for aircraft turbine engines, helicopter transmissions and accessory equipment
38 MIL-P-149, strippable plastic coating (hot dipping)    
43 MIL-G-255537, grease, helicopter oscillating bearing    
49 No Specification cited.
See Description for details
Vendor's protective grease or oil coating  
50 MIL-PRF-7870 (Formerly MIL-L-7870), lubricating oil, low temperature Clear transparent lubricating oil suitable for low temperature operations General purpose
51 MIL-PRF-6081 (Formerly MIL-L-6081), lubricating oil, jet engine, Grade 1010 Refined petroleum product containing oxidation inhibitors and pour point depressants Used whenever jet engine oil is required and for the preservation of fuel cells and fuel systems
52 MIL-C-8188, corrosion preventive oil, synthetic base, for aircraft gas turbine engines    
53 SAE-J1966, lubricating oil, aircraft piston engine    
56 MIL-L-23699, lubricating oil, synthetic base, for aircraft turbine engines    
57 MIL-L-21260, Grade 10, light viscosity preservative and break-in lubricating oil, internal combustion engine    
58 MIL-L-21260, Grade 2, medium viscosity preservative and break-in lubricating oil, internal combustion engine    
59 MIL-L-21260, Grade 3, heavy viscosity preservative and break-in lubricating oil, internal combustion engine    
65 MIL-PRF-83282 (Formerly MIL-H-83282), hydraulic fluid, synthetic, fire retardant Hydraulic fluid, fire resistant, synthetic hydrocarbon base Intended for use from -40 to +205 degrees Celsius in automatic pilots, shock absorbers, air compressors gear boxes, brakes, flap-control mechanisms, missile hydraulic servo-controlled systems and other hydraulic systems using synthetic sealing material
79 MIL-B-46176, brake fluid, silicone, automotive, operational and preservative    
80 MIL-P-53030, primer coating, epoxy, water reducible    
89 No Specification cited.
See Description for details.
Preserve with normal operating lubricant  
XX No Specification cited.
See Description for details
See Method of Preservation code for this requirement  
YY No Specification cited.
See Description for details.
Packager's option as long as all other contractual requirements are met  
ZZ Special requirement - See specific instructions or drawings provided    
00 No requirement    

To view or acquire a copy of the Military Specifications listed, visit our Packaging Specifications, Standards and Manuals web page or visit the ASSIST web site.

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