Frequently Asked Questions - Preservation Method 40

Listed below are portions of MIL-STD-2073 covering preservation method 40 (formerly Method IA) for water-vapor proof. This web page identifies the method, types of materials authorized, and a link to the School of Military Packaging Technology's 'How To' web documents. If this material does not enhance your understanding regarding this method of preservation, please use either our feedback form to provide recommendations or contact us directly by E-mail us at:

  • How should items that require Method 40 be packaged?
    Per MIL-STD-2073, 'Items protected in accordance with Method 40 shall be sealed within a water-vapor proof enclosure. Projections, sharp edges, or other physical characteristics of the item, which may damage the water-vapor proof enclosure, shall be cushioned as required in accordance with 5.2.3. The item shall also be cushioned as required to mitigate shock, thereby preventing physical and functional damage to the item. Unless otherwise specified, preservative coating requirements shall be determined in accordance with All packs prepared in accordance with any method of this basic group shall pass the applicable quality assurance tests specified in tables G.I and G.II.  

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Last Updated:  5 Oct 2015