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Listed below are portions of MIL-STD-2073 covering preservation submethod 45 (formerly Method IA-5: rigid metal container, sealed). This web page identifies the method, types of materials authorized, a graphic illustration, and a link to the School of Military Packaging Technology's 'How To' web documents. If this material does not enhance your understanding regarding this method of preservation, please use either our feedback form to provide recommendations or contact us directly by E-mail us at:

Method 45 - Rigid Metal Container, Sealed
  • How should items that require Method 45 preservation be packaged?
    MIL-STD-2073 cites, 'The item, preserved, wrapped and cushioned as required in shall be snugly enclosed in a sealed, rigid metal container. Any selected type of rigid metal container with machine seamed or reusable gasketed closure may be used if the container provides a WVTR not exceeding 0.075 grams per 100 square inches per 24 hours, when tested in accordance with ASTM-D1008 unless a specific type of container and closure is specified in the contract or purchase order. When specified in the contract or purchase order or when dictated by the requirements of the item, the metal container may be vacuum sealed.'

    • NOTE: The packaging requirements (code) in your contract may specify the exact packaging materials to use to protect the item.

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Last Updated:  5 Oct 2015