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  • What is the purpose of applying a preservative?
    To protect an item from chemical deterioration.

  • When are preservatives applied?
    Directly after cleaning and drying of the item.

  • Can preservatives damage an item?
    Yes. Therefore, preservatives selected shall be those whose application, use, or removal will not damage the item or impair item function.

  • If a packaging requirement specifics a preservative that is harmful to the item, who do I contact?
    Contact our Packaging Team for immediate assistance.

  • Where can I find literature on corrosion?
    Visit our resource - related links for corrosion information such as forms of corrosion, glossary, and galvanic series.

  • If an item requires a preservative to protect it from corrosion and is not specified in the contract, who do I contact?
    Contact our Packaging Team for immediate assistance.

  • How should preservatives be applied?
    The required preservative shall be uniformly applied by any applicable procedure that permits the preservative to coat all necessary surfaces. Suggested methods of application include, but are not limited to:
    • Dipping
    • Flow coating
    • Slushing
    • Brushing
    • Filling or flushing
    • Fogging
    • Spraying


  • Are there any criteria and procedures for applying a volatile corrosion inhibitor?
    Yes. 'Volatile corrosion inhibitor preservative treatment shall be applied in accordance with the criteria and procedures of MIL-I-8574.'

  • What preservation method(s) designates the usage of preservatives?
    Methods of Preservation or Specialized Preservation codes which cite the usage of preservatives are: '20', 'AH', 'AU', 'BC', 'BD', 'BL', 'DC', 'DR', 'KD', and 'KF'. Methods '30', '40', and submethods may call out a preservative when applicable.

  • What are the available preservatives?
    To view the available preservative materials listed in MIL-STD-2073, Table J.III and excerpts from Table A.III with pertinent changes cited, visit our preservative codes web page.

  • Where can a I get a copy of the preservative specifications?
    To view any of the preservative documents, visit ASSIST Quick Search and search for the specification's document number.

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Last Updated:  9 Feb 2017