Good SDR Additional Remarks

The following are examples of good additional remarks on packaging Supply Discrepancy Reports (SDR). Brief and concise remarks provide our Packaging Specialists with a better idea of the discrepancy, the rate of occurrence, and help us to determine ways of resolving the situation. The more concise your report is, the faster our Packaging Specialists can determine the root of the cause and take appropriate corrective action to prevent it from happening again.

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  • Material received nonconforming to MIL-B-81705 (ESD packaging). Item received in packages 1EA per chipboard carton, then item placed in ziplock bag; omitted all MIL-STD-129 markings on unit pack. Request disposition instructions.

  • Material received 5 EA, not properly packaged. Items are bare and bolted to skid. Estimated repackaging cost to conform to MIL-STD-2073 code (QUP=001, 43100XXXXXXX, IC=00, ICQ=000, SMC=00) and mark in accordance with MIL-STD-129 is $255 each/total=$1275). Request disposition instructions.


  • Fuel pump arrived in sealed box showing obvious signs of distress. Upon opening box, it was discovered that the fuel pump was packaged with padded packing paper. This allowed the fuel pump (weight 73lbs.) to compress the packing material and moved around freely in container during transport. Thereby breaking a brass fitting and damaging a seal surface on the fuel pump, placing the serviceability of the fuel pump in serious question. Request credit. Material retained pending disposition instructions.


  • Received 76 boxes with no unit of issue markings. Each box has one ring inside, P/N 132880. Unit of issue for NSN is 'PG' (1PG = 6 rings). Material received is short 5 rings in each PG (package). Material retained pending disposition instructions.

  • Material received at depot with wrong National Stock Number (NSN) 3040-01-317-1879. Correct NSN is 3040-01-317-1579. Cost to remark material is $330.25 which exceeds DLA limits. Material is placed in condition code 'L' pending disposition instructions.

  • Received pallets with paper tags. The paper labels do not meet the DLA requirement for a permanent marking.


  • Contract requires unit container ASTM-D5118, Type CF, Class Domestic. Material received packaged in MIL-PRF-121 heat-sealed bags.

  • Items made of rubber/aluminum and were packaged in a shipping envelope (insufficient protection). Items bent in half & are unserviceable. Request disposition and credit.

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