DLA Land and Maritime operating status is yellow: DLA Land and Maritime is open/early release.

  • Employees should depart XX hour(s) earlier than their normal departure times and may request unscheduled leave to depart prior to their staggered departure times. All employees must depart at no later than XX:XX at which time DLA offices are closed.

  • Non-emergency employees at the duty station will be dismissed from their offices early relative to their normal departure times or at the final departure time and will be granted weather and safety leave for the number of hours remaining in their workday or for the time to commute home, as appropriate.

  • All telework-ready employees who reported to the duty station will be granted weather and safety leave for their commute home and be required to telework or take leave for the remainder of their workday.
  • Non-emergency employees who depart prior to their staggered early departure times or final departure time may request to use unscheduled leave. Such employees will be charged leave for the remainder of their workday and will not receive any weather and safety leave.

  • Employees on pre-approved leave for the entire workday or employees who have requested unscheduled leave before an early departure policy is announced should continue to be charged annual or sick leave for the entire day or remainder of the workday, as applicable.

  • Emergency employees are expected to remain at their worksites unless otherwise directed.