Sourcing and Qualifications Division

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Mission Statement

The specific mission of the DLA Land and Maritime, Sourcing and Qualifications Division (VQ) is to establish and maintain a known-good supplier base that have successfully demonstrated their products met the specified performance, quality, and reliability levels via the DoD Product Qualification Program.

Organizational Statement

The Sourcing and Qualifications Division is organized into four (4) Branches each assigned management responsibility for different technologies. DLA Land and Maritime-VQC handles primarily microelectronics; DLA Land and Maritime-VQH is assigned responsibility to manage hybrid microcircuits; DLA Land and Maritime-VQP primarily is assigned responsibility to manage passive electronic and construction items and DLA Land and Maritime-VQE is assigned responsibility for semiconductors, printed wiring boards, and electron tubes.

These Branches manage over 225 Qualification Listings in 15 Federal Supply Groups (FSGs) and in more than 40 Federal Stock Classes (FSCs). We annually review and disposition over 10,500 technical evaluations consisting of test reports, qualifications, retentions, and design changes. The Branches also perform over 300 facility and line audits to determine compliance with the qualification requirements, verify product performance, quality and reliability, assist in interpreting technical specifications, and determining manufacturing capabilities.

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