Logistics and Standardization Support Division

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The Logistics and Standardization Support Division performs a variety of functions such as Safety Data Sheet reviews (SDS), identification of green items and packaging. We support the military services and implement logistics support across weapon/non-weapon system platforms. Services include:

Managing the packaging mission of the center in regard to material preservation, packaging, packing, marking, and bar code functions. Serves as the focal point for packaging of hazardous materials, requests to change unit of issue, and quantity unit packs. Evaluates, grants or denies packaging waivers and deviations on a case-by-case basis. Resolves packaging problems on supply discrepancy reports. In addition, we develop and maintain the DLA Packaging web site for the Defense Logistics Agency to provide 24-hour packaging assistance.

The organization provides Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages (DMSMS) to support the services on parts obsolescence.

Identifies and initiates actions for removal of hazardous materials requirements from specifications, standards and drawings used in the DLA Land and Maritime procurement process. For Comments or Questions about the DLA Land and Maritime Hazardous Materials Minimization (HMMIN) Program, email

Diminishing Manufacturing Sources & Material Shortages Program

The Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages Program (DMSMS) is the loss or impending loss of manufacturers or suppliers of items that endanger a weapon system’s support capability. The problem can directly affect readiness and sustainability of the US Armed Forces, Federal Agencies, and Foreign Military Customers.

THE DLA Land and Maritime Approach

The thrust of DLA Land and Maritime's DMSMS program is to assure ongoing availability of DMSMS type parts to customers, irrespective of their availability in the marketplace and to provide this service as cost effectively as possible.

Check with us

If you have support concerns, about a new, old, or potential DMS situation contact DLA Land and Maritime-VSD. We may have sufficient assets on hand or we may be in the process of obtaining those assets to satisfy your needs and help you mitigate an unnecessary fix, or redesign. In short, contact our office using email:

For more information about DLA Land and Maritime's DMSMS program contact us at:

Defense Supply Center Columbus
DMS Office (DLA Land and Maritime-VSD)
3990 East Broad Street
Columbus, OH 43218-3990

DMSMS Contacts

DMSMS & GEM Program Manager
Phone:  614-692-5382
DSN: 850-5382
Fax: 614-692-1901

DMSMS Office Lead
Phone: 614-692-7699
DSN: 850-7699
Fax: 614-692-1901

Component Engineer
Phone: 614-692-7465
DSN: 850-7465
Fax: 614-692-1901

Item Manager
Fax: 614-692-1901