DLA Troop Support Medical

A collage of retrieving and using medical supplies, plus a medical ship
The Medical supply chain supports America’s military every day and in every crisis. We are on call to support warfighters and their dependents around the world, from well babies to wounded warriors. To ensure their basic and critical medical and pharmaceutical needs are met, our support includes surgical items, preventive vaccines, field hospital equipment and even medical supplies for animals.

What DLA Troop Support Medical Offers

Electronic Catalog (ECAT): DLA Troop Support's Medical Supply Chain developed ECAT to streamline its business practices and expand its range of procurement options. ECAT is an internet solution that uses the latest technology for ordering, distribution, and payment, providing Department of Defense and other Federal agencies access to multiple manufacturers’ and distributors’ commercial catalogs at discounted prices. 

Medical and Surgical Equipment: A full line of medical and surgical products are available for customers around the globe, including the Navy Fleet.

Medical Readiness: Medical’s Strategic Materiel Sourcing Group (SMSG) Readiness Division contracts for access to medical consumable supplies in support of deploying and deployed forces. Support for surge and sustainment is provided through contingency contracts awarded to manufacturers and distributors. 

Pharma and Vaccines: Medical procures and manages the full spectrum of pharmaceuticals for the military and their dependents all over the world, including the Navy fleet.

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