Electronic Catalog (ECAT)Military dental provider performing services on a military member

ECAT is an online system where customers can browse, compare and order pharmaceutical, laboratory, dental, optical fabrication, and commercial medical and surgical equipment items.

ECAT Helpdesk: 1-800-290-8201 or DSCPECATHELP@dla.mil

For emergency ECAT help after duty hours, contact the DLA Customer Interaction Center at 1-877-352-2255. You should indicate to the CIC that your issue is urgent. This process will take some time for the DLA Troop Support On Call representative to respond back to you, so please be patient. Calls to the CIC should only be made in true emergency situations.

Supplier Information

Interested in having your products available to military ordering facilities around the world? Go to the DLA Troop Support Procurement Gateway (System for Award Management), submit your proposal, and you will be contacted by the appropriate DLA Troop Support Medical supply chain personnel.

Suppliers have the option of transacting business with ECAT utilizing Electronic Data Interchange or ECAT’s Supplier Order Management interface. ECAT offers the SOM interface as an alternative to EDI. The SOM interface allows ECAT vendors to acknowledge orders and submit invoices securely over the Internet without the need for any special software.

DLA Troop Support's Medical supply chain developed ECAT to streamline its business practices and expand its range of procurement options. ECAT is an online ordering, distribution and payment system providing DoD and other federal customers access to multiple manufacturer and distributor commercial catalogs at discounted prices.

ECAT also enables deploying military units to rapidly acquire the full spectrum of products necessary to satisfy their requirements for consumable and shelf-life medical/surgical and pharmaceutical products.

ECAT automates the entire customer procurement cycle. ECAT provides status of vendor acceptance within hours and assures delivery within 72 hours from receipt of the order within the United States and within 3-10 days for overseas orders. ECAT accepts both Military Standard Billing System (MILSBILLS) and Government Purchase Card payment methods.

These features give Medical customers the best of both worlds: the convenience of purchasing from local vendors while still benefiting from the volume discount prices associated with central procurement systems. In addition, ECAT interfaces with the services' material management systems.

ECAT provides products from manufacturers and distributors to maximize its product offerings and promote competition among vendors. Vendors are not charged any fees to participate in the ECAT program. DLA Troop Support Medical Supply Chain contracting specialists negotiate discounted pricing off of the vendors' commercial catalog price. This discounted price is presented to ECAT customers as the “Total Delivered Price” of the product. This price includes all transportation and distribution and administrative costs.

With sales in excess of $25 million per month, ECAT provides significant discounts above traditional purchasing methods and has significantly improved the relationship between customers and vendors through the implementation of e-Commerce concepts and technologies. Annual sales have grown from $2.6 million in 1999 to $390 million in FY15.